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Weekly Gifts from Manang Lydia

Manang Lydia may have moved on to the next life but she still continues to be a blessing to our family. We remember and silently thank her every time we pick our ampalayas ( Erwin, that’s bitter gourd in English), during weekends.

These were our bounty last last weekend.

Last weekend, we had even more. I think we got a total of 7 ampalayas not including the 2 that we gave to my mother-in-law and to my sister-in-law. Since we have more than enough, I am giving some ampalayas to my officemates today.

Salamat, Manang!

4 thoughts on “Weekly Gifts from Manang Lydia

  1. You are harvesting bitter melon and I just started my seeds indoors, will not be able to plant them in the ground until mid-May the earliest. Planting 2 varieties this year, green and white.

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