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Cheap and Cheesy Teacher Appreciation Gifts

Guess who is trying to be a teacher’s pet? 


As I mentioned in a previous post, I was planning to give XXL fans to Aki’s teachers. So silly of me to think that those Donya fans will cost less than 100 pesos. I had to think fast and cheesy and cheap because I only had 15 hours until Aki’s last day in summer school. Tsk tsk tsk. Cramming is not one of my forte but I am quite proud of the gifts that I came up with. What I lacked in the budget department, I tried to make up for in my creativity and cheesy-ness. Haha. More on those gifts later.

For now, allow me to showcase my giftwrapping. If you have been reading my blog, you’d know that I love DIY creative gift wraps. Normally, I research and plan ahead of time. However, since Father Time was not on my side, I had to again think fast and cheap. Good thing, I remembered  Rianne and Irene‘s giftwrapping posts late last year.

For the wrapper, I used one of the artworks that Aki made sometime last March.  Or was that Feb? I had been telling myself that I need to throw out that giant artwork since it is not display-worthy. It does pay not to listen to yourself and be lazy sometimes.

For the tags, I copied Irene’s chalkboard idea. Sandpaper+colored chalk= cute gift tags!

Put the tags and the wrappers together, and tadah!

Check out the message on the tags. Special thanks to Jyl for writing the messages.

Can you guess what is inside?

Message – Tic Tac Tic Tac Tic Tac. I will be counting the days until our next class.

           The gift – Tic Tac packs in 5 different flavors

Message – You are MINT to be a teacher

           The gift –  An assortment of mint flavored treats like Fox’s, Goya Mint Chocolates, Wriggley Mint Bubblegum etc

Message – You are TEA-rrific

            The gift – A box of tea bags

Anyhoot, just want to document the feedback that I got from Teacher Jam

These are Aki’s commendable traits

– Already knows the lessons.   

– Participates in class most of the time and  follows instructions

– No toyo crying spells

– Does not hit his classmates. Nor does he grab other’s toys.

And these are his areas for improvement

– Does not sit still. Actually, according to Teacher Jam, everyone except for the one and only girl in the class, does not stay in his chair.

– Reprimands his classmates when they cry. Hahaha. When someone is crying, Aki would Ssshhh them. One time, Aki put his hands over a classmate’s mouth because the classmate would not keep quiet. Yikes!

Can’t wait for the start of the school year! I have already volunteered to be the parent-teacher of the day come September. I also asked what would be the needed costumes for future activities. To my dismay, there aren’t a lot of costumes that I can DIY. I also asked about the policy on  birthday parties. Oh, and how can I miss checking on the field trips. They already have a venue in mind. Good thing I asked. Aki might get bored if we go there before the actual field trip. Teacher Tina said they are open to suggestions, so I am now researching for alternatives.

I haven’t checked  if there is a Parent Teacher Organization but I am already preparing my campaign materials. Joke!

6 thoughts on “Cheap and Cheesy Teacher Appreciation Gifts

  1. haha! ano kaya ang nasa isip ni aki bakit nagrereprimand siya ng classmates pag umiiyak? 🙂 I love your gifts! At katuwa, sis, deretso na pala siya sa school. exciting! 🙂 I plan to enrol Ryken next year pa. Konti lang kasi ang options sa Meycauayan at hindi pa ako nag-inquire. 😦

    1. Hi Mapi! Kelan kaya tayo finally magkikita?
      I am sure keribels lang kahit hindi muna pumasok si Ryken. The reason why gusto ko pumasok si Aki para matuto siya mag interact and para mag improved ang speech niya. Si Ryken naman, marunong na nga magbasa ng Good Night Moon kaya im sure school can wait. 🙂

  2. Sis Maqui, napacomment naman ako dun sa ‘campaign materials’ for the PTO 🙂
    I’m thinking if I will be as proactive as you when Bree goes to the big school. 🙂

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