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Ate Dorina’s Pork Tapa

It is been a while since I last blogged about my yaya woes. That is because our current helper is much better than the last five that we had. I have come to accept Ate Dorina’s shortcomings. So what if she has broken 2 faucets, at least 4 glasses, 3 plates and 2 of our dining chairs? We are only four in the house so we only need 4 dining chairs anyway. Plus, I switched to melaware plates so I don’t think she will be breaking any new ones soon. She is been with us for 9 months now and based on what she’s been telling me, she has plans to stay. I hope I don’t jinx myself.

I blogged before that since helpers in this house have the tendency to evaporate into thin air faster than acetone, I try to document their best-loved recipes while I still don’t hate them. Hehe. In October, I posted Ate’s eggplant burgers here. Today, I would like to share Ate’s homemade tapa recipe.


1/3 kilo pork or beef, cut into bite-size pieces
1 tablespoon sugar
3 tablespoon soy sauce
2 cloves garlic, crushed
dash of pepper
juice of ten calamansi or Philippine lemon
1 tablespoon vinegar

Put all the ingridients in a sealable container. Mix well. I don’t know if it is true but Ate says tapa tastes better when she uses her hands to mix.

Cover the container and let marinate in the refrigerator for at least a day. I like my tapa marinated for 5 days.

Fry to perfection.


7 thoughts on “Ate Dorina’s Pork Tapa

  1. May kasabihan nga sa Chinese – “chi bak khwe leh” – pikit isang mata when it comes to our househelps. Important is they are nice to our kids and not doing us any harm. I learned that kaya eto our househelp is with us na for 3years. Ung yaya ko lng talaga na isa iba ang plano sa buhay! hehehehe..
    By the way, this recipe looks nice, i tried the eggplant recipe, ayaw ni Liam… ako lang din kumain na nasarapan. Kaya nananaba e.. hehe 🙂

    1. hahaha! thanks for trying the recipe.
      apir, looking for the perfect yaya is an impossible task. after 3 years, masaya na ako sa mabait, masipag at mapapagkatiwalaan

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