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Mother’s Day Celebration @ Quezon City Memorial Circle

For Southerns like us, a trip to Quezon City entails a lot of negotiations, seduction and begging with the driver. I know my husband too well. The last time we were in QC was for our SSS ID application back in 2009. We did not even bring a car. We took a cab because he did not want the stress of being stuck in traffic and the hassle of looking for parking. I get where he is coming from. But since it is Mother’s Day, he had to say yes to my request to a field trip to QC Circle, Manila Seedling and UP Diliman. Thank God for husbands who agree to long drives on Mother’s Day.

The first activities for the day were playing, biking and breakfast at the Quezon City Circle. We left the house at 6AM and got there before 7AM. We could have been there earlier if it was not traffic in EDSA (and if hubby listened to me that C5 is the way to go). As soon as we got there, we were greeted by loud aerobics music. This made me really nostalgic. On my very last day as a UP resident, the day that my mom rented a van and picked me up and my boxes from Ilang-ilang Dormitory, Xtianne, Jan (my Elbi friends who also studied in UP Diliman) and I ,  went to QC Circle and danced with the oldies. Good times.

Anyhoo, since I was with a kid, I could not join the aerobics party even if I really wanted to. As soon as Aki saw the entrance to Circle of Fun, the public playground, he ran off.

If I were a kid, I would have done the same thing. Who can resist these?

Nice, eh? Way to go Mayor Bistek for giving the playground a makeover! I wish we have something as nice as Circle of Fun in Paranaque.

If you look closely at the structures, you will see that they are not exactly squeaky clean, especially the undersides.

But for a public playground, I must say, the QC government is doing a good job. Just bring alcohol, wet wash cloth or wipes to disinfect your children’s hands after playing. The comfort rooms were not so bad too. On any given day, I would be more than willing to pay 3 pesos for a clean toilet than use a dirty one for free.

Aside from the playground, another attraction in the Circle is the bike lane.

Everything was as fun as I imagined until….

Franco brought Aki to the bike rentals and rented a sidecar. Ay, nako, nagwala ang bagets! Aki stormed out of the rental area, crying and looking for me.

I soon found out that he was crying because he wanted his own bike. He was semi-happy as soon as we got him one.

Unfortunately for us, Aki soon forgot how happy he was to ride a bike for the first time. He got cranky and bossy again. He liked being on a bike but refused to pedal and demanded that we push him. Everytime we stopped to rest, he did his signature fake cry. And so, Franco and I took turns pushing him.

Whoever said a kiss from a child makes the pain and sacrifice worth it, has not pushed a toddler bike for 40 minutes! I love Aki but my back ached for two days. After two rounds, we returned the bike even if we had 20 minutes left, against the wishes of a crying toddler.  Exhausted and hungry, we headed for the restaurants.

Ordering sizzling silog is not a good idea if there is crying toddler in your lap. Oh well, Happy Mother’s Day to me!

We went to the tiangge after breakfast. Aki was no longer crying but he demanded that I carry him. Everytime I tried to put him down, he would wail. This is what I get for letting my husband teach Aki martial arts. Oh well, nothing says I-love-you-I-want-you-and-I-need-you-mommy more than a toddler clinging on his mom’s leg in a public place. Happy Mother’s Day to me!

More on the rest of our QC trip in my next post.

20 thoughts on “Mother’s Day Celebration @ Quezon City Memorial Circle

  1. belated happy mother’s day, Maqui! glad you visited North naman. i can see that Aki had fun sa bike 🙂 natawa ako sa fake cry…parang lahat ng bata na-practice yan no?

  2. Belated Happy mother’s day, Maqui!

    Grabe, ang saya nmn ng Celebration niyo 🙂
    Buti nlng at napapayag mo si Franco. Wish ko lng mapapayag ko din pumunta jan si Khan 😦

    1. Same to you, Em!
      Wait before mo lambingin si Khan na ipagdrive kayo all the way to QC, dito muna sa Paranaque for our playdate with Maggie!! hehe

  3. OMG! It was really a happy mother’s day to you Maqui. Heheh. But I can imagine Aki as he do his martial arts thingie. Nakow, toddlers talaga! (methinks: should i prepare myself now?)

    1. Mars, be afraid. Be very afraid! Nakakalurkey at nakakaubos talaga ng pasensya at mukhang ihaharap ang toddler years.
      Welcome to the club!

  4. Hahaha! The last two photos cracked me up. That clingy little boy, well, it all looked sweet in the picture! So never mind the real story behind it (aching back and wailing child and all) hhahaha!

    Happy Mother’s Day Maqui =)

    For a moment there, I thought somebody snatched my husband and started describing him. He and Franco is very much alike. And they both said yes to driving on Mother’s Day! 🙂

    1. Hahaha! We should really meet up during one of next check ups. Para may kausap na ang mga mister natin!
      Happy mother’s day to you too, Khaye! Oh, I sent you a PM, not sure if you got it.

    1. Aimee, thanks for visiting my blog ha. Alam mo when you posted a comment, I just finished browsing your blog. As in after ko i-close ang window ng blog mo, I refreshed my Yahoo mail and found your comment. Walang lang. Hehe
      There is not much to see and do here in the South. Kami lang ni Fleur ang kadayo-dayo. 😛
      Belated Happy Mother’s Day, Aimee!

  5. awwww! sweet! hehehe i have lived in UPD for 5years and 1year in Teachers Vill and another year in Project6 but i never get to go inside the Circle… im such a loser noh? hehehehe 😀

    i also wish for playgrounds like that here in zamboanga…. the govt spent millions for a fountain, i hope they’ll get the idea of a kiddie playground too! 🙂 for free ba yang sa Circle? 🙂

    1. Oh yes, Cham, free na free! We only had to pay for the use of the toilets, rentals of the bikes and for our food. Entrance was free!
      You know in our area, government spends millions too in fixing roads that are not even broken. Sana parks, playgrounds and museum na lang ang pinaglaanan ng pera.

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