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Happy New Year Gifts

aka late Christmas gifts.

Months before Christmas, I was already planning what to give to Aki’s classmates and teachers for the holidays. Soon it was December already. I realized that we did not have anything prepared on last day of school. Yikes. Where is my bad mommy award? We were happy recipients of gifts but deep inside it felt like I were a melting snowman. I tried to justify with myself that we will just give gifts on the first day of school. The kids and their parents would probably appreciate our gift more now.  It is easier to appreciate the small things when there are less things going on ( and less gifts coming). Excuses excuses.  Oh, did I mention that I let Aki wear a blue top for the Christmas presentation when everyone in the class was supposed to wear green? Ako na talaga! To think that I have not yet forgiven myself for letting Aki wear his Spiderman costume in the school halloween party, I should have thoroughly re-read the memo. In my defense, I lost that memo. Hehe.

Anyhoo, last October, we received these yummy sugar cookies from Franco’s jujitsu sansei. They were baked by Iya, his girlfriend. We ordered several dozens of gingerbread men cookies last month and gave them away to our office friends.


Because Christmas is over, we can’t gift gingerbread men anymore to Aki’s teachers. Instead, we asked Iya to make cookies of  little boys and girls in Aki’s school uniform. The classmates will get these. Each classmate gets the first-letter-of-his-name cookie.

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Memoirs of a Mummy

Last Minute Teacher’s Day Gift

David Goes to School is the part two of No David. Despite giving his teacher’s a hard time, in the end, his teacher still loves David very much..

To Aki’s teachers, thank you for the patience and kindness that you shower my son with.

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Cheap and Cheesy Teacher Appreciation Gifts

Guess who is trying to be a teacher’s pet? 


As I mentioned in a previous post, I was planning to give XXL fans to Aki’s teachers. So silly of me to think that those Donya fans will cost less than 100 pesos. I had to think fast and cheesy and cheap because I only had 15 hours until Aki’s last day in summer school. Tsk tsk tsk. Cramming is not one of my forte but I am quite proud of the gifts that I came up with. What I lacked in the budget department, I tried to make up for in my creativity and cheesy-ness. Haha. More on those gifts later.

For now, allow me to showcase my giftwrapping. If you have been reading my blog, you’d know that I love DIY creative gift wraps. Normally, I research and plan ahead of time. However, since Father Time was not on my side, I had to again think fast and cheap. Good thing, I remembered  Rianne and Irene‘s giftwrapping posts late last year.

For the wrapper, I used one of the artworks that Aki made sometime last March.  Or was that Feb? I had been telling myself that I need to throw out that giant artwork since it is not display-worthy. It does pay not to listen to yourself and be lazy sometimes.

For the tags, I copied Irene’s chalkboard idea. Sandpaper+colored chalk= cute gift tags!

Put the tags and the wrappers together, and tadah!

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