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Mother’s Day Gifts for the Grannies

How was your Mother’s Day celebration? Ours was tiring! I think it will take me three blog posts to document our celebration.

Anyhoot, while looking for gifts for Aki’s teachers, I suddenly realized that we did not have a gift yet for Aki’s grandmothers. Yikes! I had my eyes set on getting Teachers Jam, Joy and Tina oversized folding fans because they are perfect for summer. After seeing the price tag, I decided that my mom and my mother-in-law deserve the gifts more.

For the gift wrapping, I knew how busy our day would be. We would not have time to buy flowers so why know make the gifts look like flowers?! I made a  post last year on how to make flowers and pompoms out of Japanese paper in case you want to know how.

I love the tags. Actually, I thought of the tags first before finalizing what gift to buy. The idea was lifted from one of my most marvelous Christmas ideas ever. Last December, instead of the usual secret Santa in the office, I suggested that we have a cheap and cheezy exchange gift instead. The mechanics are simple. Think of the qualities of your “baby”. Then, think of objects that represent those qualities. The catch is that the gift should not cost more than 30 bucks. The gift need not be useful but it can not be meaningless. For my “baby”, who happens to be Rosie, one of my favorite people in the team, I gave her a small bottle of Maggie Savor because “mas masarap at mas nakakagana kapag kasama siya”. Cheesy noh?! I know and I love it. For our boss, we gave her a sock. Not a pair. Just one sock because “wala siyang kapares!”. Hahaha.

Back to our mother’s day gifts. Here is what our tags say..

To my mom – We are your biggest FANs. Happy Mother’s Day. – Jyl, Rock, Aki
To my MIL – You are FANtastic. Happy Mother’s Day – Aki. I wanted to write You are a FANtastic Mom, Mother-in-law and Lola but I did not have space anymore

Belated Happy Mother’s Day to all the FANtastic moms who read my blog! Thanks for reading my adventures.

7 thoughts on “Mother’s Day Gifts for the Grannies

  1. Maqui, these gifts are so cool! Dagdag-idea sa mga possible gifts for teachers ni anak sa future 😀 — ngayon pa lang, nagpapa alam na akong makikigaya kami ah 😉

    1. I look forward to meeting you soon too! Let’s have a playdate with Em and Maggie kapag di ka na ngaragers sa party ni Lia. 🙂

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