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May-August Winnings

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If this blog makes you think, my life revolves around two men, you are so right. Now that I leave in Paranaque, I choose my gimiks really well. Or I turn them down. The last shuttle leaving for Bicutan from Ayala departs at 11PM. And it takes the longer route. I need to be at the terminal before 9PM if I want the 20 minute route. It also does not help that my husband works on night shifts. If I go home late, it will just be Jane and Aki at home, watching Agua Bendita.  Inasmuch as I love and trust Jane, knowing that my baby is left with only his yaya at night while I am out with friends or at work, kills me.

To keep the work-family-life balance, I maintain this blog and join contests. As I mentioned in my last contest update, I upped the ante for the month of June because of mother’s day ( winners are usually announced after one month). From my standard goal of one winning per month, I aimed for two.

May was a loser month because I did not win anything. Booo!

June as targetted, I won two items. A CK One Summer perfume from Topaz Horizon FB and a PhP1200 worth of GC’s from FabNaima. Since I don’t use perfume, hubby is now the proud owner of the the CK prize. Against my wishes, he uses it now as his everyday perfume. He insists that he only use Eternity on special occassions. Since we are on a weird set up and I dont get to tie his tie every night, I let him wear and smell whatever he wants. The GC’s, I am reserving for Aki’s back up birthday outfit. Thank you, Frances and Jenny! More power to your blogs!

July turned out to be better than I expected. I won GC’s from tooooooooot and super yummy popcorn tubs from Yummy.Ph . Sorry I can disclose the company that gave me the GC’s. I am planning to use the GC’s as prize to the kiddie guest who will come in the cutest costume. The popcorns are super yummy. I shared one tub with my officemates and we all could not get enough. The flavor is Southern French Herbs something but to me, it takes like my prep baon Hapi House crackers in pizza flavor. Thank you tooooooot and!

August is also a lucky month. With ten months to go before the month ends, I already have two prizes under my belt. Both are GC’s. Again I can’t disclose the generous sponsors because the GC’s will be awarded to special guests on Aki’s party.

I am crossing my fingers that Smart Parenting finds my contest entry to their stroller promo most deserving. Of all the contests that I joined lately, that has one prize that I absolutely need.

My favorites mommy blogs have ongoing giveaways. Yey!

ManilaMommy is giving away a super cute diaper bag.

Mummy’s Reviews is giving away a  reuseable swim diapers

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