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Our Real Living Makeover

If you read this post last month, I hope I inspired you to join the makeover contest of Real Living. A lot of people tell me I am very lucky when it comes to contests. In a way, that may be true. What I want to think is that I win because I try. Hard. I don’t have many desires but when I want something, I commit. For this makeover contest, I read the stories of past winners.  I took photos of my house and had the pictures developed. I wrote and rewrote and rewrote my entry. And then, I commuted from Paranaque to Ortigas to handcarry my entry to Summit Media. When I learned that our house was shortlisted, I planned for the ocular inspection by rehearsing how to “sell” our house and by baking chocolate chip cookies in the morning (which RL team was not able to taste because they came early). Now, was I really just lucky? Continue reading “Our Real Living Makeover”

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I Won A Makeover from Real Living!

Just when I thought that this summer is so uneventful, I got an SMS that made my heart palpitate! Real Living, the number one home magazine in the country, was considering my house for their monthly makeover contest. Golly gee!

Everything happened so fast. I got that SMS May 11. May 13, they did an ocular. May 14, we learned that we were chosen. May 18, we had the the “before” shoot and meeting with the interior designer. Renovation started last May 21. May 29, last Friday, we had the “after” photoshoot.

Please grab a copy of the July issue as soon as it is out.

So why I am I posting this?

Because you too can win! Real Living is accepting entries until June 19.  You may handcarry your entry or send it via snail mail or courier.

Read the full mechanics here

May the odds be on your favor! Good luck!

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Aki’s Winning Halloween Costume

I blogged here before, that Aki is fascinated with stoplights, toll gates and traffic enforcers. When I saw a yet-to-be-used reflector in my mom’s house, I had a brilliant idea of having Aki dress up as his dream job for Halloween.

Huli ka! If all traffic enforcers were this cute, I would gladly learn how to drive so I can get a ticket everyday.

The total cost for this Halloween costume is…. drum rolls please… 320 pesos!

What you need:
Reflector from the balikbayan box
Dark Blue Shorts
Blue Polo
Art Paper
Poster Paint
Traffic Cap

Put them together plus cute kid who loves his outfit and you have ..

You have a happy kid in a winning costume.

I bought the second and third items on the list  in Divisoria for a grand total of 150 bucks. The cap is a gift from my mummy dearest. It cost her 140 pesos.

We happened to be in SM last Saturday to pay our bills. I noticed the costume contest poster and read and reread the mechanics. Uniqueness – Check! Creativity – Check! Relevance to Theme (cuteness) – Check! Stage Presence – CHECK!!!! Continue reading “Aki’s Winning Halloween Costume”

Memoirs of a Mummy

Thank you, Mothering Earthlings!

Lookie lookie what Rone of Mothering Earthlings sent us. The blog had a contest last month wherein stage moms just need to post pictures of their children’s out of this world outfits. Guess what? Aki won! I know I said I will stop joining contests but it was December and Aki could use some new clothes to welcome the New Year. When I was a kid, I always wore brand new clothes from head to toe every January 1st.

Here are his prizes

Sunblock from Indigo Baby and Funkytube Playsleeves

Alpha Male Shirt from In the Crib

and my favorite.. Continue reading “Thank you, Mothering Earthlings!”

Maqui's Me Time

Thank you, Summit Media, for these prizes!

Promise, I have tamed my addiction to contests. Last year, I actively looked for contest. I had a quota of at least one winning per month. Now, I don’t look for contests anymore. If I chance upon them and I like and could need the prize, then I join. Amazingly, now that contests are not my favorite thing, I am still their favorite person. I would like to thank Summit Media for these lovely prizes.

When I went on a bento shopping spree, I really wanted to get a bento box but I stopped myself because the grocery basket was already full and I already have a  Lock and Lock set. Look what I won. A bento box! Sheh, the very nice lady in charge of distributing prizes, threw in  a nice top for a tween. I gave it to Jenny Rose, Manang’s 10 year old daughter.

 Polkatot’s GC

Skin Specialist GC

Parenting books from McGraw Hill Publishing. Thank you very much!  I am currently reading Perfect Parenting. It is a book full of tips and solutions to common parenting problems. It was written by Elizabeth Pantley, the author behind the no-cry solution series.  I owe Aki’s commendable sleeping habits to her. I have been wanting to buy this book, along with the other books by Pantley but since my to-read list is probably longer than Aki, I left the book alone. Continue reading “Thank you, Summit Media, for these prizes!”

Maqui's Me Time

Prizes! Prizes! Prizes!

Some of the prizes I won in the last couple of months.

From Moms Today Magazine, a kiddie chair, 1 pack of Prokids diapers, food containers from Avon Home,  a grocery bag, pen, umbrella and a coaster from Bisolvon. Except for the coaster, all the items are very useful.

From Baby Magazine,  2 magazines, pink pillow, yellow and pink feeding bottles, sippy  cup, training  cup, and infant cotton buds. In short, stuff that we do not need. This is my favorite win but I was really disappointed with my prizes. If anyone would like to have the bottles and the cups, just leave me  a note.

From Mummy’s Review, non-disposable  swim diapers c/o  Tiny Pants. Oh, this is my first international win. Mummy Reviews is Malaysia based but their contests are open to ASEAN countries. Can I just say we are so ready for the N@W Swimming Playdate!! 

Continue reading “Prizes! Prizes! Prizes!”

Musings of Madam-wannabee

May-August Winnings

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If this blog makes you think, my life revolves around two men, you are so right. Now that I leave in Paranaque, I choose my gimiks really well. Or I turn them down. The last shuttle leaving for Bicutan from Ayala departs at 11PM. And it takes the longer route. I need to be at the terminal before 9PM if I want the 20 minute route. It also does not help that my husband works on night shifts. If I go home late, it will just be Jane and Aki at home, watching Agua Bendita.  Inasmuch as I love and trust Jane, knowing that my baby is left with only his yaya at night while I am out with friends or at work, kills me.

To keep the work-family-life balance, I maintain this blog and join contests. As I mentioned in my last contest update, I upped the ante for the month of June because of mother’s day ( winners are usually announced after one month). From my standard goal of one winning per month, I aimed for two.

May was a loser month because I did not win anything. Booo!

June as targetted, I won two items. A CK One Summer perfume from Topaz Horizon FB and a PhP1200 worth of GC’s from FabNaima. Since I don’t use perfume, hubby is now the proud owner of the the CK prize. Against my wishes, he uses it now as his everyday perfume. He insists that he only use Eternity on special occassions. Since we are on a weird set up and I dont get to tie his tie every night, I let him wear and smell whatever he wants. The GC’s, I am reserving for Aki’s back up birthday outfit. Thank you, Frances and Jenny! More power to your blogs!

July turned out to be better than I expected. I won GC’s from tooooooooot and super yummy popcorn tubs from Yummy.Ph . Sorry I can disclose the company that gave me the GC’s. I am planning to use the GC’s as prize to the kiddie guest who will come in the cutest costume. The popcorns are super yummy. I shared one tub with my officemates and we all could not get enough. The flavor is Southern French Herbs something but to me, it takes like my prep baon Hapi House crackers in pizza flavor. Thank you tooooooot and!

August is also a lucky month. With ten months to go before the month ends, I already have two prizes under my belt. Both are GC’s. Again I can’t disclose the generous sponsors because the GC’s will be awarded to special guests on Aki’s party.

I am crossing my fingers that Smart Parenting finds my contest entry to their stroller promo most deserving. Of all the contests that I joined lately, that has one prize that I absolutely need.

My favorites mommy blogs have ongoing giveaways. Yey!

ManilaMommy is giving away a super cute diaper bag.

Mummy’s Reviews is giving away a  reuseable swim diapers