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More Birthday Party Theme Ideas from Aki

Mommy Party
Ben-10 party
Sexy Party. (Waaaaaah! Di ko to kinaya! He always tells me that I am sexy whenever I am wearing anything sleevesless. Even when I am wearing my losyang dasterrr. From now on, the word sexy is banned from the house)
Green Party
Stickball Party (Billiards)
Happy Buhtday Aki Party
Rocketship Party
Dingdong Party (Referring to Doongdoong, the cartoon)
Aki Party
A-K-I Aki Party
Long Neck Giraffe Party
Dila  Party (Tongue)
Bad Worm Party (Referring to the fuzzy creatures that eat my plants)
Patay Fish Party (Dead Fish)
Pukpok Payok Party (Pukpok palayok)

I have exactly 3 months to plan this school party. Since it is going to be school party, no need for me to stress about the decors, activities and food. I will be focusing on making the invite and the loot bags  fun and memorable for the classmates. From the first set and this one, I made shortlist already on the themes. ooooooh. I am starting to feel excited. Let’s do this!

Happy 33rd month birthsary, baby love!