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Save-the-Caterpillars Project

Aki and I made an important discovery about caterpillars recently. They don’t start as little green creatures. Instead, they are dark brown and white when they hatch. All this time, I thought this furry thing was insect poop.


Imagine how amazed we were when we inspected our calamansi plants an hour after. The brown thing became a cute green caterpillar!

Because of this discovery, Aki and I started a project. We call this project “Save the Caterpillars” Project. Remember how the birds attacked the caterpillars in our garden? That was quite traumatic so we want to be heroes by saving them. Basically, we inspect the calamansi plant in the garden for baby caterpillars and transfer them to the plant in our mini backyard which is not frequently visited by hungry birds. This way, we increase the fighting chance of these little critters to become a beautiful butterfly.


Since we started this project, we have seen 3 opened cocoons. In two instances, there was a butterfly beside the cocoon. I want to think that we just missed the grand cocoon opening by minutes.


I think the word has gotten out in the butterfly community that we have a caterpillar sanctuary. I told myself that the we will put this project on hold for a week or two to let the calamansi plant recover and grow new leaves. The last 3 caterpillars were supposed to be the last but when I checked the plant last Sunday, we have 6 butterflies-to-be!

Hopefully soon, we will get to watch a butterfly open its wings for the first time. I am hoping to see more cocoons in the coming days because my dear hubby got me 2 more calamansi plants! So excited for this science project!

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