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Those Mysterious Chubby Pets

Family and friends, I would like to introduce you to our new mysterious pest pets

Isn’t it cute?

I discovered three of them inside a garbage bag. Being nosy does have its advantages.

Aki and I immediately fell in love with them. They are much cuter than the usual caterpillars that we have in the garden.

We did not want them to get bored so Aki made an obstacle course.

Later, he also made a “farm” but I was not able to take a picture of it.

Aki probably sensed that the chubby cuties were getting tired. We transferred them to the calamansi plant, home of the original caterpillar pets. We made sure that those evil birds don’t get to eat our babies so we covered the plant. OA?? I know! That’s me!


What surprised me is that the caterpillars refused to eat from the plant. They also kept on trying to escape.  I found this weird because normally, caterpillars would happily munch on calamansi leaves. But for my little chubbies, they could not stop looking for the exit. I made sure that the edges of the tulle were tightly rolled but somehow, one by one the caterpillars managed to get out.

A few days after, I found them again. Instead of finding the 3 crawlers, I found at least 25 of them! It dawned to me that they have their own favorite plant. They were not “at home” with the calamansi. They grew and grew

ang taba taba!!!
ang taba taba!!!

and grew! And then they were gone. Each day, I would see less and less caterpillars. Now, they are nowhere to be found. I wonder why. I doubt if the birds ate them. They were too big and heavy. Did they turn into snails? When the caterpillars disappeared, the snails arrived. Or maybe, they are not even caterpillars. Maybe they are just colorful travelling worms. Oh life’s great mysteries. If you have information on our missing pets ( what they are called, where they go, what butterfly did they come from), please share.

18 thoughts on “Those Mysterious Chubby Pets

  1. What a wonderful story!!! And it continues… You have discovered caterpillars of a wonderful moth, called “oleander hawk moth” (Daphnis nerii), one of the most beautiful moths of the world. Quite at this moment, I have some of them flying around, they have just emerged from the pupae brought from my homeland Slovenia at the Adriatic coast, where I found the great caterpillars on some oleander bushes on the road. Interestingly, this was the first species I had grown at home, at the age of Aki, starting thus to rear butterflies, what I still do now, after quite some decennies. On the ground under Your plant, You will have found some huge orange things of a beautiful elegant shape with black spots on the sides, among leaves and litter, and a few weeks later, the great moths will emerge… They feed from flowers like a humming bird and can reach a speed of 150 km/h. They are wandering guests here, and I will open my window next evening to let them fly back to Africa, as our hard winter is too cold for them.

    Warm regards and nicest wishes from Berlin,

  2. I also caught about 6 of those. We found them eating up my garden plants, they eventually became butterfly. I also took a picture of them. My son told me that the mark/spot on the third pair of legs will be the pattern and color or its wings when it becomes a butterfly. I wish I could show you my photo here.

  3. hi mommy maqui! your blog is one of the mommy blogs that I stalk 🙂 Being a mommy to a 1 yr old daughter, your blog inspires me how to prepare fun and educational activities for my growing toddler. I am also a Book Sale fan since college (peyups din 🙂 That’s where I buy books for my baby, na nahihilig ng magbasa yehey! Although, ang dami ng kagat ng mga books nya hehe. Ask ko lang po, where did you buy Aki’s wooden blocks? Gusto ko nyan! Thanks!

    1. hi yana!!
      thanks for reading my blog ha.
      he has 2 sets of blocks. one is from mindwerks in cash and carry in Makati. The other set is from a japan surplus shop near the pque municipal hall

      happy new year!

  4. Omg ang dami nilaaaaa! Akala ko 2 piraso lang! I hope naging butterfly silang lahat. Can I bring Lucas sa inyo so he can join your biology class? 🙂

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