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Updated: The Gift of An Ordinary Weekend W#35 Part 1

The most awaited day of our save-the-caterpillars project has arrived!
Will blog about it soon.

We are off to Franco and Aki’s martial arts training. Yes, another member of the Familia Kiki is now into martial arts. And yes, I am so OP (out of place). Last Saturday was actually Aki’s second session. Aki’s training is all games and play. He doesn’t even know that he is being taught self-defense techniques. Normally, I get bored when I watch Franco train but last weekend, I made sure that I was present. One, I want to see Aki in action. I missed his first session because I had to perform my civil duties to help the commerce in my country, aka I went to Divisoria. Two, I wanted to talk to Aki’s self-defense instructor to understand the program. I was told that Aki will NOT (thanks, be, for pointing out that I missed that  important word)  be taught how to punch or do arm-locks. If someone tries to bully him, Aki will know how to control the movements of the bully. And because I am such a crybaby, I secretly shed a tear or two. My heart was bursting with pride when everyone was cheering Aki while he practiced the moves that were taught to him. I am hoping I will learn not to cry every time I watch Aki because I might make Franco’s guy friends freak out.

Sad news welcomed us when we got home. One of our parrot pets, Cling, passed away. Yakk,the other bird, was too aggressive. She kept on biting poor Cling. She also did not want to share the food with her cagemate.  We made a difficult decision to let Yakk go. Aki was really sad when we set his last bird pet free.

We are considering getting him a puppy on his birthday.  Any suggestions on what breed to get?

To bury the sadness, we went to the mall.While, the daddy paid our bills, Aki and I went to Booksale. Daddy came minutes after. When he got bored, he brought Aki to the arcade. When they went back, I was still not satisfied with my book-hunting. Franco went to his go-to barber for a scalp massage while Aki and I continued looking for books.

When the two of us reached our Booksale budge limit got tired, we went to McDo. Aki’s Kiddie Crew coordinator recognized him and gave him a toy. Thanks, Kuya Iann. Aki and I bonded over strawberry sundae and fries.

Aki was so cute. He was asking the saleslady if he can play with the helicopter toy.
Guess why this big kid was so happy? This was the second time that we bought a toy in the toystore with Aki. And on both occassions, the toy was for the daddy!
While checking out cycling shorts for Aki’s martial arts lessons, I saw these cute dasters for little girls. Nice noh?


And because Aki did not nap the whole day, he was knocked out even before we got to the house. We dropped him off so Franco and I can have some couple time.

We had a wonderful Greek dinner in this new resto in our area. Will blog about that hopefully soon.

Part II tomorrow.

Happy mid-week!
I hope everyone is alright. There’s so many sad things happening left and right. I am just trying to be positive. A few more sleeps and it will be another wonderfully ordinary weekend for us.

3 thoughts on “Updated: The Gift of An Ordinary Weekend W#35 Part 1

  1. ahhhw.. wawa sobra sad face ni Aki.. 😦
    But just soooo cute when he is asking the sales lady.. hehehe..
    can’t wait for the butterfly post.. naku, Liam would surely love to see those “chrysalis”.. sana talga neighbor kita.. hehe 🙂

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