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Science in Action

What is wonderful about having a garden is the daily exposure to science. Last weekend, Aki and I were enjoying chasing friendly butterflies. Someone told me before that friendly ones are newly hatched from their cocoons. I wondered if the 3 butterflies grew from our garden. Aki and I checked our plants and saw empty cocoons in one of the calamansi plants. This is the same plant that a hungry caterpillar greeedily munched on.


Then, upon checking our other calamansi plant, we saw three caterpillars!


By this time, I already imagined taking care of the caterpillar siblings and watching them transform into a cocoon and finally becoming butterflies. What nice memories that would be for Aki.

I went to the room to get my camera. When I peeped thru the window, this is what I saw


This bird got one of our caterpillars. Does anyone  know what bird this is? Definitely it is not a maya. See the Zorro eyes and the yellow patch by the tail. Anyhoo, I was stunned.  I did not know if I should shoo away the bird or if I should let nature take its course. Aki was screaming, “Bad Bird!!”. When I asked him what should we do, he said it was okay because the bird will give the caterpillars to its babies.  I realized that while I have seen pictures of birds with worms in their mouths, this was my first time to see it live.

Maybe one of these days, Aki and I will go nest-watching.

I would like to end this post with pictures of my colorful lantana plants. If you want more butterflies in your garden, get calamansi for the caterpillars and lantana for the butterflies.



Aren’t they pretty?

8 thoughts on “Science in Action

  1. I was also stunned with the bird! It’s so a-ma-zing! And I love your lantana! Gandaaa! 🙂

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