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Easter Weekend in Elbi

We love going home to Elbi. Whenever we are in my hometown, we practice the art of doing nothing. Laziness at its best.  By doing nothing and by not having a plan at all, we get to enjoy every bit of the vacation and end up doing a lot actually.

Some highlights of our Easter weekend

Bonding with my favorite niece and nephew. Here, they are singing a song for Aki after making him cry.


Waiting for our favorite sorbetero


Read Archie comics. The second edition of the Best of Archie’s was not as good as the first.


We practiced Aki on how to make phone calls whenever he’d miss us.  He was about to have his first official summer vacation without us. I thought that 5 days would be difficult for him. Boy I was wrong. He only called us once, on the first morning without us.  After that, he was too busy playing with his cousins whenever I called him up.


While the city folks were stuck inside airconditioned rooms, we were enjoying the cool breeze of Bayog


We enjoyed watching the sunrise and the sunset


Aki and I collected sea shells from the Laguna de Bay shore, which is just  a few meters away from our house. The picture above is the view from our gate.


We made an impromptu trip to UPLB


and to Mio Cucina. Thanks Dew for the reco!

page6I did cook. Both my brazo and my tuna pesto pasta (which I made for 2 consecutive days) were bestsellers! We also made different kinds and different combination of fruit shakes


Speaking of food, I told my mom that we need new utensils.  This is what she gave me. A chest of unused utensils and boxes of starter sets — all gifts from her own wedding some 30 years ago.


As I have said, couch potato-ing is best practiced in Elbi.

page3We don’t have cable TV  here in our house ( our way of controlling Aki’s screen time) so whenever we are in Elbi, we watch all the shows until our eyes drop. We saw the finale of Power Ranger Samurai. it was a family event because all of us were watching and cheering. And I got to watch one of my favorite movies, Of Mice and Men.


Can you guess what these two were doing?


I planned on dyeing my hair but Mother dear insisted on plucking. I think it is funny that it is now her turn to pluck my grey hairs.

We miss everything about Elbi! We can’t wait to go back! I saw this in my mom’s ref. I think it is very true.


4 thoughts on “Easter Weekend in Elbi

  1. What a fun and happy weekend with your family. Awww, I also like that Of Mice and Men movie, so sad and it made me cry. Bigla ko din namiss mother ko dahil sa bonding nyong mag-ina. So true, home is where mum is. 🙂

  2. Your brazo de mercedez looks perfect already, in fairness! Patikimin mo naman ako nyan, Maquibels! I suddenly miss our home in Antipolo, parang gusto kong mag transport dun. As in now na! I miss the cool breeze and fresh air! Hayayay!

    1. ayayay. once a year ko lang ito ginagawa. mahal ang itlog. haha. if pupunta ka sa bahay namin sa next easter, i might give you a slice 😛

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