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Aki goes to the dentist

Oh, I wish I was there when Aki went to the dentist for the very first time.  As soon as I came home, Aki told me about his experience. He said he was so strong and brave.

When I got to talk to his teachers days after, Teacher Tina informed me that Aki was actually teary-eyed at first. They, the teachers, intentionally tried to semi-ignore Aki because it might turn into a full-blown drama if Aki gets a lot of attention. At first, Aki was just observing his classmates from a far. He got closer and closer until he volunteered to be the next.

The dentist, Dr. Jaime Samonte, is not a pedia dentist but he knows how to get young kids to cooperate.  Before checking the mouth of his new kiddie patients, Dr Jaime makes them feel relaxed first. He lets the kids  play with the dental chair. Aki kept telling me how the made the chair go up up up and down down down. The kids got to play with the spray, the light and the mirror thing too.

I am so proud of Aki for getting past his fear but I am even prouder of the “report” from the dentist. All those wrestling matches and drama-fest when Aki was still younger, are worth it. I blogged a couple of times how challenging it was to brush Aki’s teeth. Even if Aki kept pushing me away, I stood my ground and insisted that we brush his teeth every night. My mom’s a dentist. Tooth decay would be a big disgrace! Hehe. I remember when I was still in grade school. I was so insecure because my tooth paste did not make as many bubbles as my classmates’ toothpaste did. They were using Colgate and I was using Floucaril, the same toothpaste that my mom uses on her patients.

Ooops, I disgress again. Here is what’s written on the certificate.



There are two versions of this post. One is password protected because it has pictures of the actual dental check up where Aki was wearing his school uniform. For his protection, I won’t be divulging the name of his school and won’t be posting pictures of his school uniform in this blog.  If you would like to see the rest of pictures, please send me a private message.

If you are from Bicutan Paranaque and are looking for a dentist for your kids, you may want to consider Dr. Jaime.His clinic is in front  of Red Ribbon. Same building as Carlo Reyes salon.

I am so sleepy now. If there are a lot of typo and grammatical errors, soweeeeeee!

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