My Fairy Yard-mother

I love Manang Lydia.

There are soooooo many things to love about her that I can start a blog solely about how lucky we are to have her in our lives.

Today, I will just blog about how she rubs her green thumb on me.

Last Sunday morning, I found her outside the gate, doing this….

She was removing the leaves from the branches of the bush that she trimmed. Why? She wanted to make an organic fertilizer. Aside from homemade fertilizer, she  also puts egg shells and waters  my herb garden with the pinaghugasan ng isda.

And this pair of shorts that she was wearing? It used to be Franco’s polo shirt. She sewed it using her hands. My slit pa!

Dear husband could not believe it. He could not believe he agreed to give away his favorite Blued polo shirt (see Prizes and Blessings for back story). Hehe

Back to gardening. Manang just came back from a 2 month vacation leave. Yep, we were yaya-less for two months. To keep outrsanity, we decided to stay in MIL’s house until she came back. Her pasalubong?

Bamboo sticks for the garden! Now those stray  cats can’t get near my herbs.

The side yard is so rocky.  We asked the neighborhood gardener how much would it cost to cover it with grass. He said at least 11K for that small patch of land.

To make my garden a little prettier, I bought plant labels. They are totally unnecessary but they make me happy. That is what is important, right?

This week we harvested the ginger that she planted several months ago. Because I am a love-your-own person, we  have been drinking salabat for 3 days in  a row. When I say we, I mean Manang and me. I could not get the boys to take a sip. hehe.

Manang also proactively planted siling labuyo and bell pepper seeds. The plants are about 7 inches tall now.  Those I am really excited about. Maybe when it is harvest season, I will buy a small basket or bilao where Aki can put his veggies in. 🙂


3 thoughts on “My Fairy Yard-mother

  1. hi sis maqui! hay.. inggit ako. gusto ko rin sanang sumubok ng herb garden kaya lang konti lang lupa sa apartment 😦 merong maliit na patch pero may halaman na, hehe.. I’m thinking of the rooftop, malaki kasi yung area, tapos potted herbs na lang. hindi naman kaya mamatay ang plants sa sobrang init?

  2. wow! you guys are going organic! i wish we can do that, too. baka sa terrace namin pwede. siguro naman magsu-survive ang plants namin tutal shaded naman yung area. super init kasi dito sa summer.

    and wow ha, ang galing talaga ni Manang! may kakambal ba sya? dalhin ko dito sa Dubai 🙂

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