Starting a Birthday Tradition

I read about this birthday tradition months back . I just wish I started it last year when Aki turned one. We started this when Aki was 19 months old. Every year, on Aki’s birthday, we will ask him to color the same coloring page. I could not decide which is better so I got and photocopied these two.

Mickey, his favorite

And this picture of a little birthday boy.

Am excited to see how his artistic skills progress. Maybe from jumbo crayons, we will progress to craypass to painting. Now it is all swirls, dots and zigzags. In a few years, we will see him carefully choose the colors and color within the lines. So exciting, right?  

Speaking of Jumbo crayons, I bought a new set for Aki. This set stays in our house. His first crayons are in my MIL’s house where he stays during the day. I like his new crayons from Crayola because they are fat and small. No need to break them into smaller pieces. I also like that the colors are very vibrant. There is no paper wrapping which I think improves the grip.

I am amazed by the people behind Crayola. When we go back to PA for a visit, we will definitely schedule a trip to the Crayola factory. Did you know that they now carry colored bubbles and colored sand? Amazing! Who ever thought of the washable crayons is probably a mother like me who hates scrubbing walls.


8 thoughts on “Starting a Birthday Tradition

  1. oo, kakaiba dito. mura nga ang formula milk, diapers, food, electronics, fragrances, Tefal cookware, clothes, shoes, bags & jewelry pero ang mga bagay na hinahanap ko mahal dito. (ang ungrateful ko ‘no? hehe!)

  2. Kittiekatz says:

    Bought the same kind of crayons for Zieg — and one of his first artworks can be found on our cabinet. Hehehe.

  3. this is a brilliant idea! galing ni Aki mag-color ha! 🙂 wala masyadong interest si Dade eh. will try nga ulit one of these days.

    anyhoo, Dade has the same crayons which i bought in Manila while we were on holiday last year. mahal kasi ng crayons dito eh 😦

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