Memoirs of a Mummy

My A-Z

I was already starting to think that my online friends have forgotten about me. I have been reading My A-Z posts but no one was tagging me. Thank you, Maan, for the tag!

A. Attached or Single? Deliriously happily attached

B. Best Friend(s)? My best friend Jojie passed away in 2007. I don’t think she will ever be replaced

C. Cake or pie? Cake

D. Day of choice? Saturday because it is the start of the weekend.

E. Essential Item? Hmmm. When I am out, I try not to forget to bring my phone and my keys. When I am home, I try to make sure that my camera is always near

F. Favorite color? I don’t have a favorite color but I love color combinations. My favorite color combinations change almost monthly. Currently, I am loving a certain shade of blue and yellow but I don’t know what are they called.

G. Gummy bears or worms? Am not crazy about gummy things. I don’t buy them for Aki because they are sugar loaded and stick to our teeth. But if I were to choose, I will get worms cause the gummy bears might be choking hazards.

H. Home town? Elbi beybi!!

I. Favorite Indulgence. I am convinced that I am one of the most boring people in the world.  I rarely indulge. And when I do, I always consider the cost and how many hours/days I need to work to afford something.  Lately, I reward myself at the end of the day by getting myself an order of takuyaki from one of the stalls in Ayala MRT. When I feel like celebrating in the middle of the day, I buy an Ube McDip cone from McDonalds. And when I feel like I need to getaway from my desk, I go to the nearest Booksale branch which is just 5 minutes away.

J. January or July? This is a no brainer. Definitely January. In January, I feel refreshed and excited for the year ahead.By the time July rolls in, like now, I am already tired and less inspired.

K. Kids? Akikoykoy whose turning 4 this October

L. Life isn’t complete without? I can lose my job. I can lose my friends. I can lose this blog. But I can’t imagine life without Franco and Aki

M. Marriage date? 12/19/2008. We are celebrating our 5th year anniversary this December. Last Sunday was our 9th year and 1 month anniversary as a couple.

N. Number of brothers/sisters? I have a sister.

O. Oranges or Apples. My favorite fruits are Chico, Melon (what is melon in English?) and Mangoes. I like orange and apples once they are juiced. But if I had to choose, I will go with oranges. I don’t like how unpretty apples get once they are oxidized.

P. Phobias? I am still scared of the dark. I am also a hater of manholes. But if there is something I so fear, that would be getting really depressed and lonely again after giving birth.

Q. Quotes?

At the start of the year, I had an interesting discussion with hubby on the learnings that we have had in the past years. The idea is to annually come up with a quote of the year so that when we are in our 60’s, we will have a list of 30 lessons to live by that we can share to our children.

2010 – Wabi Sabi or Appreciating the Beauty in the Imperfect. Thanks to Woman’s Day for introducing me to this concept. I have become more appreciative of what I have because of the concept of Wabi Sabi. While it is not that applicable at work, Wabi Sabi is one of my guiding principles in motherhood and homemaking.
2011 – Whether you think you can or you can not, you are right. In 2011, I did a lot of things that I thought I won’t ever be able to do like public speaking and my craft, kitchen and party projects. Your hardwork, your openness to new experiences, your tolerance for failure and the outcome all depend on one thing, your belief in yourself.
2012 – It pays to be nice. I like being nice. Being nice, like enthusiasm is its own reward. Last year, I learned that it is easier to move forward after a mistake if you have established a good relationship with the people around you. Being nice and partnering also make difficult tasks easier because you get the cooperation that you need.
2013 – Flow with the go. I had an impromptu talk with one of the people I look up to at work. That talk made me realize the importance of tolerance for ambiguity and change. I am the type who plans everything to the letter. That is why when my plans don’t work or if there is a sudden need to change directions, I get frustrated. Thank you, you know who you are, for making me see things differently.

R. Reasons to smile? So many but let me tell you how my day started and ended last Friday.

I hate it when people rush in to get inside the MRT before the departing passengers are out. To the dismay of the passengers behind me, I box out so that they are forced to wait for their turn. When I am one of the departing passengers, I give incoming passengers an evil eye when they try to get in without waiting for all the departing passengers to step out. Last Friday morning, I found myself in an interesting situation. I was on my way to work. I was waiting for the next train in Magallanes station and was 3rd in line. When I got there, there weren’t a lot of people but the waiting area soon got crowded. Because it was still within the rush hours, I was surprised to find out that the next train was not full. I remember telling myself, “uy walang tao”. As soon as the train doors opened, the new passengers excitedly got in, hoping to be able to get a seat. I got pushed, bumped and sandwiched which was nothing new to me. What surprised me was that, when I was about to step inside the train, there was this very irate woman in her 50’s trying to step out. And this woman with eyes wide open with frustration because she could not go out because the passengers are getting in, started berating me. Why me?! I was just following the people in front of me. I would have wanted to step aside for her but I was already surrounded with a swarm of excited passengers and there was no more space for me to move. Why me?! My guess is that this lady did not know the unspoken MRT 101 rule that if you are a departing passenger, you have try to approach the door before you arrive at the station. Back to the scene. I was stunned that she was lashing on me. Also, why now? She was about to step out and I was about to step in. I don’t have time to argue because I did not want to wait for the next train. So there she was, berating me like one of those teachers we hate in high school, while trying to step out. It felt like 20 seconds but maybe that lasted for only 2. I did not have time for her and did not want to spend my energy get angry. Normally, I freeze when put on the spot. I surprised myself by saying something back. I looked at her and like a toned-down evil minion blurted, “VLEEH!” and immediately went in without looking back. I am not proud of what I did but I can’t stop smiling  whenever I imagine turning into an evil minion for half a second.

Oh oh oh, One more thing. I am so proud of myself. From 9AM to 6PM last Friday, I was agonizing over an email. It was sent by an internal client. I could not find the right words to tell her that no is no. And that the only options are options that she would not like. Technically, I did not have to respond because the email was addressed to my boss, who was out.  I could wait for my boss to answer but I figured all of us would be able to move forward faster and focus on resolutions if I close that item that day. At the end of my shift, I decided to let my boss handle that email. I already left the floor when something came over me. I went to a colleague’s desk and phoned this internal client to explain the situation and the options.  We both laughed when I told her about the options that I knew she would not like. So after staring at my computer for one day trying to figure out how to respond to the email, I was able to resolve the issue in 2 minutes.

S. Season of choice? Here in the Philippines, we only have wet and dry season. I prefer the dry season not because I like going to the beach and having a tan. I prefer the hot, dry season because at least there is airconditioning to combat the heat. Whereas during the rainy season, we still have to go to work and have no choice but to get wet in the process.

Among winter, spring, summer and fall, I like fall best. I have not experience spring and summer in the northern hemisphere but I have seen autumn in Europe in 2006 and winter in the US in 2007. I like fall better because it is more picturesque.

T. Tag 5 People. Gracie, Candz, Maize, Lanie, and Jean

U. Unknown fact about me? I was invited to guest in Kwarto o Kahon when I was in nursery but my mom stopped my showbiz career before it could fly.

V. Vegetable? Snow peas and eggplants!

W. Worst habit? Overplanning, over-analyzing and overworrying.

X. Xray or Ultrasound?Ultrasound. Ultrasounds remind me of my preggy days.  Xrays remind of the time when Aki had to go thru one.

Y. Your favorite food?  Hmm. Can’t think of any but I am currently loving takoyaki and Ube McDip.

Z. Zodiac sign? Scorpio

9 thoughts on “My A-Z

  1. Uyy, you are never forgotten! As a
    matter of fact miss na miss na nga kita hindi naman obvious sa mga text at comments ko noh? Hahaha! Ako na nga ang pwdeng gawaran ng “top commenter of all time!”.

    Hope to see you soon, sissy! Love yah! Mwuuuuah! *cyber hugs*

  2. Oh! I was surprised to find my name together with the other mommy bloggers 🙂 Thanks Maqui for the tag, it was fun reading your A-Z trivia about yourself. It was even more funny, to read the incident about the old lady! 🙂 haha!

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