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Another Reason to Visit MCS: Kodanda Archery Range

Our favorite mall in the wholewide world, Makati Cinema Square, just got more interesting with the opening of Kodanda Archery Range. Finally, I have the chance to redeem myself. Not a lot of people know that I took up Archery in UP back in 1999. I immediately dropped the subject after the first class. I was still a clueless college freshman then. In high school, I was just a so-so student in UPLB. I did not expect that I’d try harder in college. And because I dropped that PE class, I was not able to graduate with honors even if my final weighted grade was within the cum laude range. Why did I drop? Because no matter how hard I tried, I really could not stretch the bow. hahaha.

Kodanda is located at the first basement of MCS. It used to be the studio where little girls practiced ballet. The fee is PhP 500 per hour. That includes the equipment and guidance from an instructor. Because there was no one to look after Aki, Franco and I played for only 30 minutes each, taking turns on who will stop Aki from running around the range.

My bebe was first

At any given time, Kodanda can accomodate 7 archers. That’s my instructor. Unfortunately, I forgot her name.

This is me. F na F. haha. To my UP Archery prof, this shot was for you.


Because the bows for lefties have not yet arrived, I had to use the standard bow. Normally, when you are using a right-hand bow, you use your right eye to aim for the target. However, since my dominant eye is my left, the arrow did not even hit the board whenever I used my right eye.

My first shot = Redemption


The instructor noticed that most of my shots were on the upper left side of the target. She said it might be because I am a leftie, using my left eye. After she told me to aim for the 3 o’clock red band, I started hitting the yellow mark more consistently.

We will definitely go back. Most likely, we will leave this boy in the house so we can spend more time in the range and focus on our targets.

10 thoughts on “Another Reason to Visit MCS: Kodanda Archery Range

  1. Omg! Why didn’t I hear about this while we were in Manila? Ryan and I love archery! I took the PE Class and got 1.50 🙂 Definitely my favorite PE class! They have archery ranges here in Dubai but too steep.

  2. Hi Maqui! Another interesting place you discovered! Thanks for posting and sharing this. My husband has been very curious about archery as of late and we’ve actually been trying to look for a place that teaches archery. Looks fun! We usually go to MCS for DVD’s and the food at the 2nd floor (Emer’s and Aida’s) plus my husband is into guns… So looks like we have added another reason to troop on over to MCS. 🙂 Were the instructors patient? Was the bow heavy? Curious to know 🙂

    1. Franco’s into guns too!
      maybe we’ll dump into each other there.
      to answer your questions, yes, the instructors were really nice and patient. About the weight ofthe bow, there are heavy and lighter ones. since i am a weakling, i always request for light boys

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