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Buttered Corn ala Aki

Good morning!
My name is Aki. I like taking pictures of myself when my mother is not looking.


Welcome to my cooking show, Cooking with Aki and Cleaning up with Mommy.

For my first dish, I will show y’all how to make one of my favorite veggie dishes, buttered corn.

First, put several tablespoons of corn kernels in your favorite pan. Special thanks to my Lola Ming for getting a cute pan that is just the right size for me. Now, add water.


Ask an adult to turn on the stove. Because my arms are not long enough for me to hold both the handle and the laddle without getting really close to the fire, my sous chef, Ate Doring was there to help. That way, I can focus on what I like best which is mix-y mix-y mixing.


Let simmer for a minute or two. Add a tablespoon of butter or margarine. Mix well until the butter is completely melted.

Taste testing. Don’t forget to blow so you don’t burn your tongue.


Transfer the corn kernels and the “soup” to your favorite bowl.




Some tips from me:

1. Canned corn kernels are better than the packed frozen ones. Even after boiling the packed corn kernels for 200 minutes, I still find it difficult to chew them.
2. You can use either butter or margarine. I personally like vanilla-flavored Star Margarine
3. I love lugaw (rice porridge). I can eat lugaw everyday all day but my mom won’t let me. I have been asking her to make lugaw cupcakes. To make lugaw healthier, we add buttered corn.
4. We used to sprinkle cheese powder on our buttered corn but my ever so thoughtful and paranoid Lola Do said cheese powder is cancerous, whatever that means.

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