Memoirs of a Mummy

4th Day in Asian Hospital

I had grand plans for this weekend. Last week was a good but very busy work week. I was in the office at 8AM and went home at 10PM. I looked forward to spending time with Aki. I was supposed to go to SM and claim our prize for Aki’s costume. The deadline for Aki’s wreath project is on Monday. We need to work on that ASAP. I have to start making ornaments too. Lying in bed the whole day because of diarrhea is definitely not part of my plan.

If there is any good that this LBM brought me, I am still up at 12:24AM. Now I can work on my long overdue hospital stay posts.

Day 4

My father-in-law, his children and now Aki sleep with de-quatro legs.

My bed.

Aki’s breakfast. Not bad, right?

It was our 4th day in Asian Hospital and we were bored bored bored!

I noticed that Aki’s skin was getting very dry.

The lowlight of the day was when Dra Saulog said she wanted Aki to be tested for Kawasaki’s disease. This got me worried because I know treatment is very expensive.

Aside from additional blood tests, Doc also requested for Xray.

On our way to the Xray room

The highlight of the day? Actually, the highlight of our entire stay in the hospital. When Aki was asked to stand in the mini stage of the Xray machine,

he said, “Hi, I am Aki!”. And sang “A B C D E F G……”

Thank you, Aki, for being the brave boy that you are.

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