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Spray Painting Plus

other unplanned activities.

I got the idea from my Child’s Play book.

To make the paint, I just heated a mixture of water and rice flour. I am sure ordinary flour would also work but we only had rice flour in our pantry.

As usual, Aki got a kick out of using food coloring drops.  We transferred the homemade paint into these sprays that I got from Edsa Central for only  40 pesos for 3 pieces.

I was afraid that the paint might permanently stain my walls so I put up a Manila paper before letting Aki spray away.

While we were spraying, Aki got distracted when Lotlot started scrubbing the paint off the cement floor. Of course, he just had to be part of the action. Here is my little Cinderello.

I thought he was already tired but no. When he saw that there was a puddle of water, he could not resist marching on it. He soon discovered that he can make water footprints on the floor. He pulled my hand and asked me to join the fun. So all three of us, Aki, Lotlot and I, marched, marched and marched until the garage was covered with footprints.

After the painting and the floor have dried, just when I thought it was time to relax,

Aki started spray painting us!

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