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Family Fridate: Maleficent

Have you guys seen Maleficent?


If you haven’t, you should! If you have kids, you should not miss this because this is one of the rare films that everyone in the family will enjoy


Prior getting engaged, I was a hardcore Angelina Jolie fan so this movie was extra special. I loved the scene when Viv, Angie’s youngest daughter played young Aurora.


And I think I even saw Zahara in the inauguration scene. I also liked that there were no defined good guys and bad guys in the movie. Just people and fairies who get hurt, who make mistakes, who regret those mistakes, who love. And although I kind of expected it because of the last princess movie that I saw, I like the ending.

Thanks to PLDT Home DSL, I got to watch this movie for free and even bring Franco, Aki and my siblings-in-law. And watching the movie with my blogger mommy friends Erlaine, Marsy and Ging, even made the experience more memorable. As soon as we stepped inside the cinema, I noticed that there were so many reserved seats for PLDT Home DSL subscribers. Free movie tickets, just one of the perks that PLDT users enjoy.

One noticeable family in the crowd is the Ledesma family who happens to be behind the Facebook page Ask Diego.


If you have a question about love, life, or just about anything, the Ledesma family would love to hear it. And thanks to their reliable family-sized connection, they answer queries together. Mommy Lara explained that even if they simultaneously use their gadgets to maintain their FB page, they don’t encounter connection issues because of the reliable service of PLDT DSL.


Having a family FB page is just one of the things that you can do together a a family if you have a high-speed internet provider. For us, we like watching movies together. We are having a Father’s Day movie marathon until Sunday next week. Another hobby of ours is taking videos of Aki and sharing them online. By sharing these little snippets of our lives, our families in Laguna, US and UK gets a glimpse of how we are going here in Paranaque. Follow me in Instagram.

Sign up for your own strong, reliable family-sized connection of PLDT HOME DSL, visit and enjoy limitless family sharing.





4 thoughts on “Family Fridate: Maleficent

  1. I also love that scene with Viv.. especially when Angeline refused and said, “I… don’t…like…children..” but Viv insisted to be carried. Ang kyut kyut. 😀 Sabi ng friend ko, “parang ikaw lang noh?” (Si Maleficent daw) HAHAHA.

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