Aki's Preschool Years

Good morning, Lord! Thank you for giving us this day.

Today, I release Aki  into Your loving hands as he goes to his new school for the first time.

Please send him friends who will be good influences to him. May Aki be a good influence to them too.  Shield him away from bullies. And if Aki ever has to come face to face with a bully, remind Aki the skills that he learned in his bullyproof class.

Lord, please give Aki’s teachers the knowledge, patience and motivation that they need.  If their students are driving them crazy, whisper to the teacher’s ears words that will calm them down and clear instructions on how to deal with situation. Also, guide the rest of the school staff so they can do their job well.

I pray that You always keep Aki’s school service van away from harm. When there are rude drivers on the road, when the traffic is unbelievable, when their passengers get too rowdy, please tell the service driver and his assistant what to do.

May Aki always come home with a smile, eager to tell us about his day. Teach him to prioritize his homework over his toys. And if there is something that is bothering him, please make sure he feels that his parents are always here to listen.

When Aki starts to feel that the lesson is too difficult, that he is not good enough, that he does not belong, that he is better than everyone else,  please push the devil away so it can no longer whisper lies to my son’s ears. Lord, please keep him excited to go to school.  May he always be curious and always wanting to learn new things. Keep him resilient so he will continue to push forward despite past failures. As you know, Aki sometimes tends to be too competitive. Show him that being a winner is not everything.  With the help of his new school, reveal to us the talents that you gave him and how can we use them to glorify You.


In Jesus’ name, Amen!


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  1. Hello Mommy Maqui! How old na si Aki and what level is he in? Is this his first attempt of school? I am curious because my daughter is 3 years now and she’s suppose to be in nursery right in time for the K1-12. We thought of sending her to school when she’s 4 years old na and by that she’ll be in pre-kinder. Is it okay to skip nursery and enroll her straight in pre-kinder? By the time she is 6 years, she’s in Grade 1 na as what it’s said in the K1-12 program. Hope you shed light on this.. Thanks!

    1. Hi Donna,
      We also thought Aki won’t be going to the big school until next year.
      He is 4.5 yo now and is on Kinder/Prep. Next year, he will be 5.5 yo in Grade 1.
      If you have big schools in mind, I suggest you ask them for their age requirement. You are right. With K-12, a Grade 1 kid is about 6yo. The good news is that our children need not attend 3 preschool levels (nursery, kinder, prep) before being admitted to Grade 1.

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