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2011 Gift Wrap Part II: Accordion Circles and Doilies

Here is the part two of my 2011 Christmas gift wrapping series. There might be a part 3 and a part 4, if I find time tomorrow to take pictures and cover more presents.

Accordion circles. I have been seeing these circles as party decors. I think they look pretty on gifts too. Whatchatink?

Dainty doilies. I did not have time to buy them so I asked my SIL to get some from me when she went to SugarKraft BakeKraft, CookieKraft, this baking store in Mandaluyong.  Since they are only made of paper, I was expecting that a set would cost about 20 or 30 tops. But no! To my surprise, as set of ten costs 90 bucks. Although I still wish they cost less, I am quite happy with how they make anything, even a crumpled brown paper, look so dainty.

I am sure there are other stores that sell doilies at a cheaper price. I will try to find out. If you have leads, let me know ha.

As I posted yesterday, my motif for my gifts this year is brown, red and white.  I figured if the gifts are somewhay match-y match-y, they would make nice Christmas decors.  The  gifts are now under the advent calendar Christmas twigs. Indeed, they make that small area of our house even much livelier.

8 thoughts on “2011 Gift Wrap Part II: Accordion Circles and Doilies

  1. i bought my kraft paper at juan luna sa binondo. parang P180 for hmm mga 24 pieces na malaki, about 3 x 4 ft. pero nakabili na din ako before ng isang malaking roll for mga 400 lang. the foam letters are surprise buys.– foam sya and upper and lower case letter. P550 for 4 sets. kaso medyo konti na choices. i chose 2 letter sets and yung isa mga heart heart na. rubber paint yung gamit ko from national, pero acrylic paint will do. one small jar P49 and super konti lang magagamit. i treid it using a stamp pad di masyado kita yung letters.

    btw, love the star wars snowflakes! nakita ko sya on pinterest pero di ako matyaga with scissors. hehehe.

  2. Thanks for the tip regarding the “Craft paper”. I was only able to buy 3 pieces. I came back the next day at National to buy some more pero naubos na agad.
    Y O Y did you just post this now? Nabalot ko na lahat ng gifts nmin. At na-shy naman akong i-share ang result kc ang danda danda ng mga gawa mo 🙂

    1. sorry naman, Em!Kapag pumupunta ako sa National, lagi rin ubos ang craft paper nila. kung meron man, maliit lang. You can also try Pattern Paper, hindi siya kasing brown ng craft paper pero hindi rin kasing yellow ng Manila Paper.

      Merry Christmas!

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