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Favorite Gifts We Gave and Received Last Christmas


We did not get to see the Pope but by reading and listening about his visit, I already feel extremely blessed.  I am thankful that God sent a charismatic messenger to us to show how much we are loved.

Still on the topic of Christmas, we were blessed  to be surrounded by generous and thoughtful friends and family. All gifts were very much appreciated. And don’t you just love heartfelt notes?  Continue reading “Favorite Gifts We Gave and Received Last Christmas”

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Oh Christmas Trees! Oh Christmas Trees!

First of all, I want to greet everyone who will get to read this post a Merry Merry Merry Christmas! I hope you are able to celebrate the season with less stress and more meaning.


We kicked off the holiday season on the weekend after my birthday when we put up our trees. Yes, with an S. We bought a tiny tree when we moved in back in 2010. In 2012, we bought a proper tree, a white one. I was in loved with it until in 2013, when we took it out of the box, we discovered an epidemic that has been affecting thousands of fake white trees. Parts of our tree turned yellow  and dirty white. I was so disappointed that I lost the excitement of decorating for the holidays. There were other reasons of course, work for one, but I took the yellow tree as a sign to lie low on my Christmas decors.

This year, I promised myself that it will be different. As early as October, I have been turning down invitations to Christmas parties and get-togethers. We chose which ones  we’d attend. I wanted to make sure that we don’t get caught up with the busy-ness. I want to savor little quiet moments. The feeling that everything is falling into place when I fold corners and sides while gift wrapping… The fuzzy feeling when I drink hot chocolate in our holiday oversized mug… The silliness when Aki closes his eyes and sings Star ng Pasko in his made-up no-sense lyrics…Watching the snowman in our failed DIY snowglobe float…Reading heartwarming notes on gift tags… Swing dancing with Franco in the tune of All I Want for Christmas. I am lucky to be married to a DI  or dance instructor. Seriously, he can dance. He has the grace and timing that both Aki and I do not have. Haha. I’d love to post a password protected video here for posterity’s sake but the MB size is just too much for my free wordpress account.


Oh wait, back to our Christmas trees. Even though Christmas songs were playing loudly, the overall feeling on the night that we put up our trees was peace especially when the lights were turned on. Continue reading “Oh Christmas Trees! Oh Christmas Trees!”

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Button Monogram Christmas Stockings

Back in 2011, I went on Christmas stocking shopping spree and ended up with seven, including the ones that we received. Continue reading “Button Monogram Christmas Stockings”

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Aki’s Little Christmas Tree

Thank you so much for appreciating my popcorn wreath. Aside from making a wreath, popcorns can also be made into a Christmas tree garland. It is quite unheard of here in the Philippines but popcorn garlands seem to be a tradition for many American families according to my craft books.

The white popcorn garland looks invisible against my white Christmas tree so I gave the garland to Aki.  It looks so much better on the apple green tree. This year, Aki’s been decorating his tree using his toys. This week’s motif is red. Last week, he liked purple.


The tree looks sad


Continue reading “Aki’s Little Christmas Tree”

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No-Bake Salt Dough Ornament

Fail! That is the best word to describe this project.

After mixing hot water, salt and flour, we kneaded the dough for just a minute or two. The original recipe called for 5 minutes or more, can’t really remember because I was not paying attention.


We excitedly cut stars and cupcakes using our cookies cutters. I learned too late that the kneading actually improves the texture and makes the dough easier to cut.


We did not forget to use a straw to poke a hole.


Most salt dough recipes require 4-6 hours of baking to completely dry out the ornaments. I did not want to use that much gas. I had a light bulb moment after overheating a pandesal in the microwave. Don’t you just hate it when your bread comes out rock hard? Next time, use a oven toaster to heat your bread and microwave your salt dough ornaments instead.  I was thrilled to see that other bloggers have used their microwaves for their dough projects and were actually happy with the outcome. Continue reading “No-Bake Salt Dough Ornament”

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An Edible Christmas Wreath



Last month, Aki’s school asked us to make a homemade wreath.  I wanted the wreath to look DIY-ed so store-bought baubles were out of the question. I initially chose among coffee filters, small gifts, paper cones and colorful straws. In the end, I decided to go with something edible.


Popcorn! It was Aki’s first time to eat popcorn. His main contribution, aside from not eating all of the popcorn, was separating the burnt ones from the whites.

First, cut a whole on the paper plate


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Star Wars Snowflakes!

Oh yes there is such a thing.

If you love Star Wars, Christmas and working with cutters, then you will surely like this quick but not so easy craft.

I am not a fan of the movie but my boss is. Fortunately for her, I had time and scratch paper on my hands. I made and gave her this Master Yoda snowflake. 

The snowflake is far from perfect but my boss liked it so much she put it in a frame.

Continue reading “Star Wars Snowflakes!”

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2011 Gift Wrap Part II: Accordion Circles and Doilies

Here is the part two of my 2011 Christmas gift wrapping series. There might be a part 3 and a part 4, if I find time tomorrow to take pictures and cover more presents.

Accordion circles. I have been seeing these circles as party decors. I think they look pretty on gifts too. Whatchatink?

Dainty doilies. I did not have time to buy them so I asked my SIL to get some from me when she went to SugarKraft BakeKraft, CookieKraft, this baking store in Mandaluyong.  Since they are only made of paper, I was expecting that a set would cost about 20 or 30 tops. But no! To my surprise, as set of ten costs 90 bucks. Although I still wish they cost less, I am quite happy with how they make anything, even a crumpled brown paper, look so dainty.

I am sure there are other stores that sell doilies at a cheaper price. I will try to find out. If you have leads, let me know ha.

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2011 Christmas Wrap: Red, White and Brown

This post most likely has lots of typographical and grammar errors. It is 12:40AM, way past my bed time.  I promised myself I will post all my Christmas related blog entries before the 25th. Because I might be busier starting tomorrow, I will post everything now.

I was sadder than sad last weekend. What could be worse than death of a loved one? Two deaths in a span of 3 days. I so want to visit them but the lamay are far.  I tried to distract myself from my sadness by focusing my energy into one of my favorite activies, gift wrapping.

Because I want the gifts to serve as decors, I am trying to stick to a color motif and theme. I used craft and pattern papers and pretty-fied the gifts by adding red and white embellishments.

Contrast: Rich Velvet and Faux Pearls. My officemates got the pearls from Divi for only 13 bucks per string

Rickracks are my current obsessions! I want a giant rickrack and sew it on our wall!

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DIY Paper Drop Ornaments

With just two snaps of the stapler, you will have beautiful and elegant paper ornaments. All you need are strips of paper, a stapler and a string.

First, line up your strips and staple one end. The middle strip should be the shortest, and outer strips  should be the longest.

Gather the other ends, bending the strips as needed and staple.

And you are done! yey!

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