2011 Christmas Wrap: Red, White and Brown

This post most likely has lots of typographical and grammar errors. It is 12:40AM, way past my bed time.  I promised myself I will post all my Christmas related blog entries before the 25th. Because I might be busier starting tomorrow, I will post everything now.

I was sadder than sad last weekend. What could be worse than death of a loved one? Two deaths in a span of 3 days. I so want to visit them but the lamay are far.  I tried to distract myself from my sadness by focusing my energy into one of my favorite activies, gift wrapping.

Because I want the gifts to serve as decors, I am trying to stick to a color motif and theme. I used craft and pattern papers and pretty-fied the gifts by adding red and white embellishments.

Contrast: Rich Velvet and Faux Pearls. My officemates got the pearls from Divi for only 13 bucks per string

Rickracks are my current obsessions! I want a giant rickrack and sew it on our wall!


and Yarn

There is a part two! I hope I get to post it before Sunday.


6 thoughts on “2011 Christmas Wrap: Red, White and Brown

  1. So that’s what they’re called! Rickracks! I’ve been looking for these babies to use on my holiday project but couldn’t find nice colors to play with (well I’ve only looked at 2 stores hahaha). Sis, bakit ganun? Anything you touch turns into something pretty and dainty? Parang walang ka-effort effort! 😀

    • Walang ka effort effort?! Naku sis, Nov pa lang, nag paplano na ako ng crafts. Rickracks are everywhere. kung pumunta ka dun sa suki natin sa SM Makati, meron dun. I bought mine from Carolinas in Glorietta 5. 3 pesos lang per yard yun manipis and 5 pesos naman yun mas malaki. 🙂

      • Yey sige i’ll check out Carolina’s. Gold and silver lang ung nasa suki natin nung pumunta ako eh. i wanted other colors. Me nakita na ako patterns for puppets na pwede namin gawin together ni Maia so pwede ko na ituloy tuloy tong pananahi sis! Hehe. Nakakatuwa! 😀 At ikaw na sis! Panalo Nov pa lang all set na ang crafts for Dec. Lolz :))

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