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Star Wars Snowflakes!

Oh yes there is such a thing.

If you love Star Wars, Christmas and working with cutters, then you will surely like this quick but not so easy craft.

I am not a fan of the movie but my boss is. Fortunately for her, I had time and scratch paper on my hands. I made and gave her this Master Yoda snowflake. 

The snowflake is far from perfect but my boss liked it so much she put it in a frame.

Another one that I made, a something trooper.

See here for the tutorial.

May the Christmas force be with you!

2 thoughts on “Star Wars Snowflakes!

    1. Hahaha, Roche! Nakakatawa ka! I can make some for you pero not all. Nakakaloka ang ibang designs. You know what, they are not as hard to do. Yun mga officemate ko na walang ni katiting na interest sa crafts, gumawa rin for their Star Wars fanatic hubbies.Try mo rin!

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