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Attractions and Fun Finds from the Quezon City Memorial Circle

The Quezon City Memorial Circle is the place to be for  folks looking for a break  from the hustle and bustle of city living. Aside from the playgrounds and the bike lanes, QC Circle has so much to offer. I really wish we live nearby. These are the attractions that we saw but did not get to  try. I heard they also offer boat rides but I did not see those.


Zip Line

Organic Market


The tiangge was very promising. I was not able to explore much because there was a monkey wrapped around my leg.

Birds for 500 bucks a pair
Carrot Juice for 40 bucks per botte. This was yummy. Even Aki liked it.

Organic Lugaw using organic wild rice and organic mushroom

I love these cotton sandos. I wonder where can I get them without having to go all the way to the other end of Metro Manila.

After a fun filled morning in QC Circle, we went to Manila Seedling. Again, I wanted to explore but because there was a cranky toddler who kept on pulling me, we called it a day after getting a couple of herbs, seed packets and sacks of garden soil.

We had to forego Mother’s Day lunch at Chocolate kiss. Perhaps, Father’s Day. Whachatink, dear driver dadi?

8 thoughts on “Attractions and Fun Finds from the Quezon City Memorial Circle

  1. hi sis! when did you go? last mother’s day pa ba? kasi if this weekend lang, manghihinayang ako ng todong-todo if we didn’t have the chance to meet. kasi we were there last Saturday.

      1. di nga? you want? plan natin if ever! tapusin ko lang tong Jap class kasi medyo nase stress ako. di pala pwede petiks kasi hirap mangapa sa class. hopefully finished na end of June. 4 sessions na lang eh.lolz

        1. game na game, sis! maaga lang tayo umalis para sulit ang oras. let me know pag free na kayo! daan tayo washington pag uwi!

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