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A Sad Tale of Octopus and Baby Uod

Our favorite family bonding activity latey is playing with finger and hand puppets.I am not referring to the cute animal puppets from Ikea (Thanks, Ameronie!). Definitely not Furky, the freaky furry puppet from Blue Magic. We kept that away ever since Aki started enjoying chewing its tail.

Friends, meet TicTacToe Octupus and Baby Uod (Baby Worm)

Our usual characters are actually Baby Uod and his mommy, Mummy Uod. Last week, I thought I will give Mummy Uod a break to see how Baby Uod will interact with a new playmate.

After a minute or two of swimming in the imaginary waters and sliding down my leg.

Baby Uod: I Hamdi! (I’m hungry!)
Octopus: Oh, ok. So what do you want to eat?
Baby Uod: White rice and Egg, Fiiiis. (Fiiis = please)

And so, Baby Uod and Octupus got a table (my foot) and started eating. When out of nowhere…

Baby Uod (Aki let’s out a deep sigh and then slouches): Sooo sad me!!(Aki frowns)
Octopus (So surprised because they were happily eating imaginary rice and egg): Oh why?! What’s wrong, Baby Uod?
Baby Uod (Aki looking down with a frown): Mummy.. office… miss..

Going to work makes me sad sometimes. I know Aki gets sad too when I leave but I did not know that he misses me during the day. Hay. How I wish my office is near so I can go home during my breaks. Instead of sitting inside the shuttle van for two hours during the commute, I would be playing more with Baby Uod if only work was not so far.

15 thoughts on “A Sad Tale of Octopus and Baby Uod

  1. May kurot sa puso ang post na ito for all the working moms =( Hugs to you Maqui.

    Ako I didn’t grow up with a mom around. She worked abroad during my growing up years, in fact even until now. But I grew up looking up to her as my most loved person in the world. And I didn’t have weekends to spend time with her, or after-office hours playtime. So yun na lang iniisip ko. It doesn’t really count that we’re away most of the time, as long as we make them feel how much we love them kids! =)

  2. Aww sad nga. Reading your post made me grateful that even though I have a lousy career, , I get to wave goodbye to my boy every morning he hops into his school service, wait for him to come home every lunchbreak and be with them before 5:30 pm. Turuan mo na si Aki na tumawag sa landline nila lolo Tay to your office number para pag namimiss ka nya.

  3. awwww. baby uod is cute 🙂 sad that we have to work so far. when i get home my kid is usually tucked in bed and fast asleep already. oh the sacrifices we must make as working moms! 😦

    1. So sad noh? I feel a pinch in my heart every time I go home in hurry only to see Aki sleeping already in the sofa. That is why weekends are so precious to me.

  4. awwww big hugs from my side of the working mommy world Maqui! mahirap talaga when moments like that hit you. ako minsan wish ko din mag work from home ng 4 days then ofc 1 day. (but i don’t know if i can actually work when i’m at home never tried it pa hahaha)

    1. hay buhay working mommy talaga.
      Alam mo sis, nuon, kapag nagkakasakit si Aki, I advise my boss that I will work from home, kahit check lang ng office emails. But no, never ko nagawa! Dapat yata meron talagang dedicated home office na bawal pumasok ang mga bagets para mag work ang work from home set up.

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