Maqui's Me Time

Prizes! Prizes! Prizes!

Some of the prizes I won in the last couple of months.

From Moms Today Magazine, a kiddie chair, 1 pack of Prokids diapers, food containers from Avon Home,  a grocery bag, pen, umbrella and a coaster from Bisolvon. Except for the coaster, all the items are very useful.

From Baby Magazine,  2 magazines, pink pillow, yellow and pink feeding bottles, sippy  cup, training  cup, and infant cotton buds. In short, stuff that we do not need. This is my favorite win but I was really disappointed with my prizes. If anyone would like to have the bottles and the cups, just leave me  a note.

From Mummy’s Review, non-disposable  swim diapers c/o  Tiny Pants. Oh, this is my first international win. Mummy Reviews is Malaysia based but their contests are open to ASEAN countries. Can I just say we are so ready for the N@W Swimming Playdate!! 

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