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Work Prayer



I just want to share a prayer that I read recently. This year, my goal is to be more prayerful. Read here for my 2013 and 2012 goals. I just finished reading the Power of the Praying Woman by Stormie Omartian. One of the prayers that I really liked is about work. Work can be a source of great stress or deep fulfillment. Hope this prayer will help you find the latter.


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Happy Labor Day!

So nice to have an extra rest day, eh?

Have you noticed anything new in this blog? Whatchatink? Ever since Leslie updated her blog, the inggitera in me has been wanting to change the look of our cyber home.  Until this morning, I thought only paying WordPress users can have custom menus. Click here if you also want to add this feature to your WP blog. I will be updating the menu links and my blogroll and hopefully try to figure out how to change the header in the days in come.

Anyhoo, back to labor day.  To everyone who is paying tax and contributing in building our economy, cheers to us! And if you are also working in the Human Resource field like me, this is for you

HR was never made to be a job
It is a vocation; a career
Like priesthood or the nunnery, you have to be selfless.
before yourself, others first
You must be self-secured, composed and self-assured
you must have self-respect.You cannot be bought.

Never fall in envy if others will be higher than you in kind.
Never sob for there will be no word of compliment for you.
You must never fail to teach, to bring forth the best in people.
Twenty-four hours a day work will never be enough.
yet you still bear burden of faults.

Smile even if it pains inside.
be resilient and strong.
Exude a fresh and happy disposition.
be the sunshine to all.
And when all else fails…Be the pillar of strength.

Honor any information given to you
Keep it and know how to handle what others tell you.
You must be trusted.
Keep your doors open so people can see you.
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Homemade Volcano Project

There are days when I feel like I am bad at everything I do. There are also days when I feel like I am the man! Last Friday was one of those good days. I had a dinner date with Franco. The food was so-so but the entertainment was great. We discovered this band, Big Bash. They play late 70’s music. Normally, I don’t appreciate music that’s not from my era but band was so good that the crowd was singing with them. The lead singer, Boy, a charming man in his 50’s, went to our table during the break and chatted with us. I requested for a VST song and they played two. Until today, the song Manila, Manila, I keep coming back to Manila.., is still playing in my head. If you want to watch them, they play at Richmonde Hotel every Friday night.

At work, I am finally having some rhythm. I promised myself that on Mondays and Tuesdays, I will play the role of  a good mom and go home early. On Wednesdays and Thursdays, I am a good employee. On these days and only on these days, do I wholeheartedly render overtime. By the way, we still need a lot of Recruitment Assistants, if you know of someone who might  be interested, let me know.

At home, that Friday morning, I was able to finally finish Aki’s concept book. I have been looking for pictures of things that start with X and Z. I found the pictures of a xylophone, a zebra and a zigzag in one of old Smart Parenting magazines. Being a collector of magazines, it pains me to cut a page but I did not have a choice.  I asked Ate to look for pictures of a xylophone and x-ray but what she got me were pictures of a cellphone!  On the bright side, I saw this quick and easy activity on the same magazine. We did this project before I left for work.

The first thing that you need is a curious kid who is into volcanoes.


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2012: The Year that Was

A couple of hours before we officially welcomed 2013, Franco and I sat down to write ourselves a holiday card. We started this tradition in 2010. The idea is to reminisce the highlights and lowlights of the current year.


Looking at the card, 2012 was a good year for us. In fact, when we were already in the lowlights part, we could only think of a few things. See notes on the side.


So what were the highlights?




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Office Halloween Decors

From Wednesday to Friday last week, I went home past 11PM and I didn’t mind it. I was part of the ad hoc team that organized the halloween party for the kids of the employees of our department. Our company (oh, let me know if you or anyone you know would like to work in the BPO industry) holds a grand Halloween party. One of our senior directors suggested that we have a mini-party. I could not be anymore excited. I was part of the decors sub-committee but I also also contributed in the programs.

Decorating for this event was a welcome break. These past few days were busy busy for everyone. I thought people won’t dress up their workstations since as it is, there were already too many things to do. But no, I was surprised to see people actually having fun putting up cobwebs. I don’t dance but when the Central team pumped up the volume of their radio and started dancing, at 12 midnight, I could hep but join the dancing. I came back to my senses after two seconds though.

Here are my favorite DIY instant Halloween decors that my officemates came up with.

Too bad, most of my teammates were working offsite. Since they were extremely busy, I volunteered to hang 50+ paper bats.

These are the decors that our committee came up with for the different activity areas.

For the arts and craft station, we used black trash bags to make spiderwebs. Found the tutorial from the HowAboutOrange blog.

Here is game area. We got the template for the pin-the-tail game from my Martha Stewart magazine.

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I am just as important as everyone else.. this family.

I have a recent realization. Thanks to Brooke Burkes. In an interview with Ladie’s Home Journal, Brooke said ” I am just as important as everyone else in this family” . She has a point. When I read that line, I told myself that I need to be the next Brooke. Haha.

Life went on. I forgot about that line. Then the craziness came. Then Aki was hospitalized. Then we were discharged. Then I went back to work.

Last Wednesday, I found myself crying the whole day. Actually, as soon as Nurse Jaypee, told Aki  to take care of himself, I suddenly felt like crying. Maybe because I have been faking courage for several days. I can not show Aki that I am dying inside seeing him sick with a dextrose. The only time I had to have an IV was when I gave birth. Prior to that I was never confined in a hospital. I felt soooo guilty. It did no help that I was  not  exactly the best person to care for my boy as I just came from a 3-day flu.

I am normally a panicky person but when we got the postive dengue results up to the family picture we had outside Aki’s room before we left the hospital, I was surprisingly calm. I cry at the slightlest emotion, positive or negative. When Aki was in the hospital, I did not consciously hold back the tear. There were no tears. I tried to keep the mood inside the hospital room light and cheery.

However, as soon as we said good bye to the nurses, I started feeling overwhelmed. I should be happy but I was not. I cried a bit when we reached the parking lot. My oh so sweet husband started mocking me. He is sweet in his own annoying way.  So after that short dramafest, no more tears again. I still was sad but not sad enough to cry.

It was when I returned to work that I got flooded with emotions. I felt guilty, overwhelmed, helpless, unappreciated, sad , pity for myself,  you name it. I know I am stressed when I wake up at 3AM and can not stop thinking. That was the case  since we left the hospital. I felt guilty for leaving Aki. If I were the one who sends him to school everyday, I would be able to tell him which potentially sick classmates to avoid. Or maybe, I could ensure that he always has anti mosquito lotion on him. As expected, I had hundreds of emails, 500 of them not including the announcements. I wanted to go home early but that was impossible, I felt guilty for the work that I passed on to Rosie. I felt terrible for not making sure that everything was taken cared of while I was on leave. Even if I could, I did not check my office emails while we were in the hospital because I did not want any additional stress. If I only did a quick scan, maybe there would be less follow ups. I was a walking emotional wreck. I felt like I were a terrible mother and even a worse employee. I tried to avoid anyone who might ask how I was. But when my kumarseng Ebbie cornered me and asked me to tell her what happened in the almost two weeks that I was out, hala! I cried and cried and cried. I think I cried inconsolably for 1.5 hour. I cried so much that I could not breathe anymore. Maybe that was just what I needed, a no-holds-bar good cry. I felt better, not good but still better, after that emo moment. Continue reading “I am just as important as everyone else..”

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An Exceptionally Great Friday

Last Friday was exceptionally great. There are days when I question myself  if I am a good enough mother, wife and employee. Last Friday was not one of those days.

I started the day by eating a yummy mooncake. Isn’t it pretty? I wonder how it’s made.

It was a gift from Peter, one of my recent Mandarin-speaking hires. Thank you so much, Peter! Even without the mooncake, I enjoyed every bit of our unscheduled 3-hour job offer.

There are several reasons why I work late on Fridays. One of them is so I can spend more time with Aki in the morning. Aki has been going to school since June and I have only seen him wear his school uniform once. Last Wednesday, Ate Dorina told me that during the trip to school, Aki kept saying to his classmate ” Mommy mo, hatid you! Mommy mo, hatid you!” He was so happy for his classmate.  Last Friday, I surprised Aki by bringing him to school myself.

PS I bought the shirt in Divi for only 75 bucks.

Then off to work I went. It was a productive day, job offer and interview-wise. I realize that I should go on later shifts more often since more applicants are available to talk in the evening. I was in the zone! All I wanted to do was talk talk talk and talk. I even got an email from our clients that made me smile for the next two days.  Before I knew it, it was already 10:30PM and I had 3 missed calls from Franco.

When we are not too tired, Friday nights are our date nights. We went around Makati to look for an interesting place to eat in. We did two rounds in the Valero/Salcedo area but could not find a dining place that was not expensive, noisy and smoker-friendly. Finally, we found  New Bombay but when were about to order, we were informed that they will be closing soon and will only accept take out orders. We ended up eating jumbo siopao from 7-11. That Fridate, we learned something new about each other. Franco always goes for asado siopao while I always order bola-bola. We are so meant to be. haha. I know, walang connect.

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Buttered Veggies ala Aki, Scatterbrain-ness ala Maqui

Hello world! Thanks for reading my boring blog. There are so many things that I want to blog about. For one, I have not even blogged about our 6 day stay in Asian Hospital and the post traumatic depression that I had after Aki was discharged. Non-stop crying, feeling insecure and inadequate and sleepless nights. It was terrible.

Why haven’t I  been blogging? I have been sleeping well lately. Which is a good thing. I normally blog between 5-6AM. When I wake up at 5:40ish, I don’t go online anymore else I might not catch the first or second trip of the shuttles going to Ortigas. Today, I can’t sleep again (hay just when I thought I am back to my old self) because I think I made a booboo at work yesterday. I was supposed to come in late today because of this meeting in the evening. I will probably leave the house early because the suspense is killing me.

How I wish I know how to live in the the now. When I am at work, I think about Christmas tree that we don’t have yet, the missing paper lanterns, the can of chickpeas that will expire soon, Ate Dorina’s SSS and all the unfinished and yet-to-be started projects for the house and for Aki’s party. When I am home, like this morning, I think about the email that I forgot to send out, what I need to do to get more Vietnamese applicants and other things at work. My  hyperactive brain is at its worse during the commute. The 30 minute to two hour trip to or from the office (depending on the traffic) is supposed to be my quiet time but I just can’t stop myself from thinking. I wish there is a hibernate button so I can just sit and think of nothing.

Anyhoo, how’s that for a segue?

Last month, when we were in the hospital, we missed the Nutrition Week in Aki’s school. It would have been such a fun and interesting week for Aki. His classmates made sandwiches, cooked buttered veggies and tried different healthy foods. Since we have both butter and veggies in the freezer, I thought of replicating the activity at home.

To make butter veggies ( please get a pen and a paper so you won’t forget), you will need butter and veggies. Itlog ng pugo (what are they called in English? edit – THANK YOU SO MUCH TO EVERYONE WHO ANSWERED! I FEEL SILLY FOR EVEN ASKING) or what Aki calls Baby Eggs, are optional but definitely makes the dish more fun.

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9 Years Ago

I left the Laguna house before 6AM. I arrived in Makati around 8AM. I was an hour early for my appointment. I was wearing an orange knit top and a pair of khaki pants. Both I bought in Divisoria a few months before. I was carrying a knapsack full of clothes. I was in Makati for my first ever job offer! I had no idea what would be the terms of the contract. All I knew is that I was going to accept it and that I had no place to live in. I did not know I would start on the same day and sit beside a Maui Taylor’s look-alike. Interestingly, just a day before, when I had my final interview, I paid for my NMAT exam, the national entrance exam for med school.

Fast forward to 9 years. I am still working for the same company, doing what I love, recruiting. September 11 is sad day for most people but for me, it was one of the most positively life changing days of my life! Happy Anniv to me!

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Where is the sunshine after the rain?

why this blog is on hibernation

Tuesday – I did not go to work. We spent the whole day sadly watching the news in TV.

Wednesday – I worked from home in the morning. I was nursing a runny nose. I went to work around noon. When I arrived at work, I started coughing and feeling cold.  By 3PM, it felt like i was inside a freezer. I wanted to stay up to 10PM because there are just so much work to do and candidates to assess. I decided to stick to the original plan of going half day. I hitched a ride with my brother-in-law (Thank you, Kuya and Mae). When I got home, I was at my worst.  Even with socks and a jacket, with the windows closed and the electric fan turned off, I was still trembling in cold. I can’t remember my tempreture, maybe I forgot to take my temp, but I remember feeling I had not been that sick for a long long time.

Thursday – By morning, my temp has gone done but I was still feverish. If I remember correctly, my temp that morning was 38.4 C. My body hurt like hell. I felt like an 80 year old with aching joints, who could barely walk to the toilet. Aki was sent to my in-laws so he won’t catch my flu. However by mid-day, I got news from Ate that Aki got a fever too. I really felt bad for missing work. It was a critical week for my foreign language requirements. I had five job offers lined up. I forced myself to drink as much water so i would be well the next day. If I were not sleeping, I was drinking water.  If I were not sleeping or drinking,  I was staring at the ceiling or at my sleeping hubby. Getting sick is so boring. And it makes me miss my mommy.

Friday – No more fever. Hooray! But my body still ached all over. Boo! I had to miss work again. Aki was still feverish but responded quite well to paracetamol. In the afternoon, for old times’ sake, I asked Ate Dorina to boil guava leaves for me. I know guava leaves have a healing effect on wounds that is why it is used to newly circumcized boys and  patients with chicken pox. I don’t have chicken pox , nor do i have a penis but when I was young, i remember how “pinakuluang dahon sa bayabas” seemed to be part of the healing process. Also, Ate Dorina gave me the most painful massage/hilot the day before using baby oil and sambong. I think her massage helped but I hated how much oil was stuck in my scalp afterwards. Unfortunately, I could not get the oil out.


Saturday – My body is getting stronger! Yahoo! I was strong enough to go downstairs. Aki was also fever-free. Double yahoo!! He was back to his half-toddler, half-Tazmanian self.  Sister-in-law borrowed my son. All yours, Yana!

And when I checked the garden, looked what I found

My very first eggplant!!

And there is more.. For the first time, we have calamnsi (Philippine lemon) flowers!

The only way that day could get better is  if I could get the oily gunk out of hair. And so, I took a bath. I shampoo-ed my hair twice. No effect.  Conditioner. The oil was still holding on to my scalp. Hot oil. Better for the ends but it did not help my root problem. Then I remembered, someone told me that what soap actually does is that its bubbles remove the oils off our skin. Hmm. Will you be my hero, Dial? Surprisingly, the soap did bring out the most bubbles. After washing, my hair felt like one  big Scotchbrite! Potek! i would rather have oily hair than taong grasa slash rasta hair! Now, back to the drawing board. Shampoo shampoo. Hmm. Slightly better. Conditioner. Improving. After two rounds of “cold” hot oil treatment, my hair could give Angelica Panganiban’s bouncy hair a run for its money. oh yeah! Continue reading “Where is the sunshine after the rain?”