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Four Years Ago




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Memoirs of a Mummy

I have never seen a 2 y.o. ringbearer walk down the aisle

…until my little wonderboy did! I am so so sooooo proud! He was the youngest member of the entourage in my SIL’s wedding last November.

I was worried that he might ask me to carry him. Or that he might be asleep during the wedding.  Or that he might throw his ringbearer pillow like what the kids did in the videos that we watched. I wanted to train him but October was hectic because of the preps for his party, Franco’s business trip to El Sal, Cheryl’s out-of-the-blue departure and Lotlot’s arrival. After watching funny ringbearer videos together which I don’t recommend by the way, I only got to teach Aki on the morning of the wedding.

Aki, hold your pillow. Chin up. Dan-dan-da-daaan. Dan-dan-da-daaan.

Don’t forget to smile.

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Musings of Madam-wannabee

Dita Sandico Ong Birthday Sale

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Dita Sandico Ong will be holding her annual birthday sale this weekend, May 22 and 23. Dita is known for her colorful wraps which were perfect for my 2008 Pink Filipiniana wedding.
When she turned 49 last 2008, all the items in her shop, were on 49th % off. How cool is that?! Her birthsay sale saved tons of money. We did not just buy wraps for our entourage. I also got my bridal bag, a funky summer hat which is now with my tita, and not just one but two wraps for myself.
And I am happy to report that one of my ento was able to wear her DSO wrap again, for a Filipiniana-themed office party.
Mrs. Monologues

Exactly Two Years Ago

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We had our engagement photos taken at the colorful Pahiyas Festival in Lucban, Quezon!

 Photog – Mangored

OTD coordinator-  Camz of Fab Occasions

HMUA – Chichi Sotomil

The photos were later published in Roam, a travel magazine. 🙂