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Button Monogram Christmas Stockings

Back in 2011, I went on Christmas stocking shopping spree and ended up with seven, including the ones that we received. Continue reading “Button Monogram Christmas Stockings”

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Uniwide Fun Finds and One Super Sad Update

With a heavy heart, I would like to inform the public that the Uniwide Coastal branch is already closed. 😦 😦 😦 According to the cashier in Uniwide Sucat, it was because of dispute with the land owner. Hopefully it just temporary. What is even sadder, is that all the goods in Coastal Mall were put on hold and could not be transferred to other branches.

On the bright side, Uniwide Sucat is still open to all of us, bargain hunters. I was there 2 weeks ago and last month.


Here are my favorite finds

Christmas Tree Skirts for PhP399 Continue reading “Uniwide Fun Finds and One Super Sad Update”

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Favorite Finds @ Uniwide Sucat

To everyone who panicked because I said last year that Uniwide was about to close its doors forever, I AM SORRY. I am happy to report that Uniwide is still operational. I don’t know whatever happened to that SEC order. I am just glad that all of us bargain hunters will still get to experience that joy of finding really cute items at  unbelievably low prices.


Last weekend, we were back in my happy place. We have not been to Uniwide Coastal in a long while because the Sucat branch is a mere 20 minute drive from our house. Here are my favorite finds.


Looking for gifts for kids? Look no more.  Here are cute tents. If I remember correctly, the Star Wars tent used to cost only 199 bucks. Now it is being sold at PhP399. Still not bad, right?  If you have the space, get this 7-piece tent set. For only 799, this would definitely encourage exercise and imagination in young children. Continue reading “Favorite Finds @ Uniwide Sucat”

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Uniwide Shopping: Gift Ideas

Moving on, Uniwide is also heaven to anyone looking for reasonably priced gifts and knick knacks.

Some of my favorite finds..

Plain white ceramics. I was so tempted to get several ramekins but the ones available had no note that says that they are oven-safe.


If you want to make your home more Christmas-y. This is the place to be



GEDSC DIGITAL CAMERA Continue reading “Uniwide Shopping: Gift Ideas”

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Uniwide Shopping: Christmas Cards

Aside from ornaments, Uniwide is the place to be if you are on the look out for affordable Christmas cards. I only went Uniwide Sucat which is conveniently located 20-30 minutes from our place. I am sure the selection in the main branch in Coastal mall is at least 3 times better.

In Uniwide, you can find a box of cards for as low as 39 pesosesoses or more or less $1.


I have been telling myself every year that I will make more homemade holiday cards but Uniwide is the universe’s way of telling me to postpone the plan. Why shop for, cut and paste materials if cheap but cute cards are easily available, right?

I got a box of 6 pop-up cards for only 39 pesos. That is less than 7 pesos each. The cover is simple


But the inside is ta-daa!



Cute eh?

I also got 4 boxes of these 5-fold cards for Aki’s classmate.

anigif Continue reading “Uniwide Shopping: Christmas Cards”

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Uniwide Shopping: Christmas Ornaments

This year, I promise to regularly update this blog and immediately publish posts that others might find help.

No, not really. Who am I kidding? Sometime last November, I was really planning on blogging about my Uniwide finds. The post could have helped last minute Christmas shoppers. Hopefully, my three-part Uniwide posts might help you 11 months from now.

Uniwide is my happy place. My world crashed when I heard of plans of its closure mid last year. Thank God it is still operational. And I am sorry if I caused panic buying.

I was in Uniwide Sucat several weeks before Christmas. The whole store was in holiday mode.

These greeted us at the entrance. I so want the snow-covered-looking tree! So help me God!


I have been shopping in Uniwide for a couple of years now. It was only last year did I got overwhelmed with the wonderful and affordable ornaments on stock. Whatever your theme is, I am sure there’s something for you there.

Here are some of my favorites

I got this for my friend Margie who likes the moon


And this was for another friend who likes dogs


Santa in sports team uniforms. I’d love to have a jujitsu Santa


I should have gotten this for another friends who loves the color green. Bad friend me.

GEDSC DIGITAL CAMERAMitch would have loved this because these are her favorite colors.  Tsk tsk. Bad boss me. Continue reading “Uniwide Shopping: Christmas Ornaments”

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Public Service Announcement: Uniwide is Closing Shop!

Waaaaaah! My happy place is closing for good next month. Special thanks to Tricia for sharing this terrible news. I am sure other Uniwide-fanatics like me felt both panic and sadness. If there is only a way I can save Uniwide… If only I had billions to buy and run Uniwide myself. Haaay.

I have been avoiding Uniwide for months but when I learned about the SEC order, I just had to give my final goodbye, thru shopping of course. Because Rachel was suddenly available, I had a shopping buddy. It was a fun fun day for us. First, the Aki and Coco fought over the scooter. Then we made pizza. Off we went to the Booksale Warehouse. Then to Uniwide. We had dinner at Jolliant. And then went back to the house where the little boys chased each other, the daddies talked about guns, bikes and paint guns and the mommies talked about anything and everything under the sun. The highlight of course was our trip to Uniwide. The best husband in the whole wide world, Franco, who vowed to never go back to Uniwide Coastal Mall, wholeheartedly drove us to Uniwide Sucat. The Sucat branch is much closer to us. It is also not as dusty. The selection is not as wide as that in Coastal Mall but good finds were still everywhere.

For the reference of those who are not from the Philippines, 1 US dollar is around 40 Philippine peso. Some of my favorite finds. Continue reading “Public Service Announcement: Uniwide is Closing Shop!”

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I am dreaming of a White Christmas….Tree!

oh wait, I am not dreaming anymore. I have one already! Actually, what I wanted was a cream Christmas tree. I saw one in SM a few years back but have yet to see another one recently. The traditional green trees are nice but I think a light colored tree would showcase colorful ornaments better.

Even without ornaments, I am already head over heels with my tree.  Our very first tree!

Now with my curtains…..

Continue reading “I am dreaming of a White Christmas….Tree!”

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Fun Finds from Uniwide, my Happy Place

My hubby surprised me a couple of weekends ago by agreeing to go to Uniwide with me. As I blogged before, Uniwide is my happy place. I have been avoiding it actually because my happiness would mean the opposite for my wallet and for wealth management new year’s resolution. Which reminds me, I have not yet blogged about  mutual funds and temptation control.

Back to topic, so we went to Uniwide and had lots of fun. Well actually just me. After the trip, I asked Franco what he thinks of Uniwide and his answer was “hindi mo na ako mapapabalik dito” You will never get me to go back here. haha. Thank you my dearest hubby. Hubby, I so laaab.

With 1500, I got to buy these..

For the reference of my US and Europe-based online friends, here are the conversion rates:

1 USD = 41.31936 PHP
1 Euro = 54.0000 PHP

A 59 peso Christmas ornament for Baby Dumpling, Aki’s first first cousin on the Endaya side.

Christmas Tree skirt for only PhP 199

Ten peso  garlands.

Cute ornament for 29 bucks

Two-peso, Three-peso and 5-peso Cards

Can opener for 99 bucks. Can you recommend a brand that will not rust ever?

Continue reading “Fun Finds from Uniwide, my Happy Place”

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Dusty Uniwide = My Happy Place

I discovered Uniwide through my sister-in-law Mae last year. I did not blog about it because I got a lot of my Christmas gifts from there. Of course, I didn’t want my friends to find out how much I paid for their presents. Although the place is dusty, the pushcarts are heavy and uncooperative, I sweat like crazy everytime I visit, it is still one of my top shopping destinations. If Dapitan was great, Uniwide is 10 times better! Plus, it is just near my place. Since I am trying to save save save, I only brought 500 bucks. I still went home with three bags fulls of treasure.

Click on the pictures to see the unbelievable prices of my favorite finds.

Some shopping tips

– It is hot inside. Wear a pair of shorts, a sleeveless top and bring a ponytail

– Bring a damp washcloth so you can wipe your face and hands after shopping. Wipe only after you leave the store. It is no use to wipe while you are still shopping because your hands will still get dirty

– Inspect each item carefully. Most if not all items are factory rejects. Some have noticeable flaws. Some look perfect.