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We have a few simple rules on toy buying. (Check out Maggie’s recent post on this topic here ) The number one rule is do not buy. We have two playrooms in the house (blogged about them here and here) and piles and piles of toys. If we absolutely can’t stop ourselves from buying, Franco and I buy secretly. We make sure that Aki does not see us bring the toy to the cashier. I know we are going to get busted one of these days but who cares? So far it has been working. Of the toy store trips we’ve made, we only had to deal with dramafest once. The other rule is  avoid small toys because if they don’t end up missing, they will most likely be in some place they don’t belong like inside the sofa or under my foot. Has anyone accidentally stepped on the Lego block? Ouuuch! We also avoid high tech toys. The less a toy can do, the more Aki gets to use his imagination.

Sometime last February, Franco and I agreed to break rule number one. Aki’s been crazy about dinosaurs, thanks to his first encyclopedia, and his crazy parents want to support this obsession. After Aki played with the dinosaurs on display in Toys R Us, he and his dad went out while I secretly bought 10. I only wanted to buy 3 but Franco insisted we get all. It also did not hurt that the price tag (79 per dino) was reasonable. I know ten seems a lot but I had a strong feeling that the more dinos, the more fun Aki will have. And I was so right.

The next day, we asked our first visitor, my father in law, to pretend that he has something for Aki.


This boy’s happiness really is priceless.


And so are the voice effects  and the facial expression he  makes whenever he is playing with his toys.


Aki knows the scientific name of all his dinos except for the pacephalocy-something. I can’t pronounce it either so we agreed to just call it helmet-head. Only one dino was given a nick name though.


Any guesses on what he named his favorite T-rex toy?

Baby Emily! hahaha
Right before I took this picture, Aki and I were singing Rock-a-bye Baby to Emily.


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Memoirs of a Mummy

Aki and His Beyblade Obsession

Aki’s current obsessions are

1) Dinosaurs
2) Shells —> Please donate to Aki’s shell collection if you have shells that you want to dispose
3) Turtles

Before those, Aki was crazy about Beyblades. For a month, he reminded us everyday, at least 5 times a day that he wanted one.

It all started with a trip to the toy store last November. Franco and I have this agreement that we will never buy any toy from a toy store when Aki is with us. This is so the little one will not get used to asking us to buy him toys. He can touch the toys in the store but he knows that those can’t be brought home. Until…..

Until we went to Galleria last November and we saw kids having a Beyblade competition right inside the toy store. It was a great marketing ploy and parent trap. The kids were right by the entrance so everyone could see how much fun they were having.


The Beyblade rack was beside them so envious kids can easily grab a set and beg their Mamas and Papas to let them have one too. I learned from a friend that toy manufacturers don’t stop the brainwashing marketing there. Not only is the Beyblade commercial ad regularly shown in the cartoon channels, there is even a show for it!

My poor boy was jealously watching the kids in the tournament.The whole time, he was holding a Beyblade toy that he wanted us to buy for him.


We had to leave the store carrying a crying boy. He was not wailing or kicking. He was just sadly crying because he really wanted that toy. This made it even more difficult for us. Continue reading “Aki and His Beyblade Obsession”

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Unplanned Good Buys

Because of our wealth management New Year’s resolution, we have managed to avoid unplanned purchases. Sort of. I am still a work in progress because I just could not resist buying these..

Buy one, Take one shelves from ShopWise. I got both for only 599 bucks. A family that is addicted to Booksale can never have enough storage for books and magazines.

Buy One, Take One olive oil from a groupon site. I am not a member of any groupon site because I don’t want to be tempted into buying something on sale that I won’t really use. But 2 liters of olive oil for only 500 bucks is just too hard to resist especially since we use olive oil often for Franco’s favorite chicken dish.

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Water Xylophone

We discovered a new use for our favorite art material, the McCormick Food Colors, or as Aki likes to call them, My Food Tohyoh!

With just a few drops of it,  glasses of water are transformed into a yummy colored water xylophone.

What I really enjoy is watching the food dyes as they disperse. For some reason, it reminds me of Harry Potter.

Aki enjoys mixing the colors.

By adding different amounts of water on each glass, we get to learn saturation and pitch.

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Sorting with the Avengers

Franco and I have an agreement that we will not be buying any toys for now for Aki. He has a lot already. Plus, the less toys that he has, the more he will be able to use his imagination. I thought that was crystal clear. Oh well, I can alway count on dear husband to break the rules. A few weeks ago, he came home with a surprise for his son – Avengers toy and cup sets from Petron. 

I was irritated, yes, but Aki showed me that even highly commercialized toys can be somewhat educational.

Here is how he packed away his toys.

First, put the characters inside their respective cups.

Next, match the covers with the cups. The covers have two dots. The one with green dots goes to the Hulk cup. The one with red is Iron Man’s. Blue for Captain America and black for Thor.

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My Name is Vahwn Tooom-poh

Aki has a new name for himself. For two months now, he has been declaring to the world that his name is Ati Benten or Benten Ati. For a week or two, he started calling himself  Vahwn Toompoo as in brown trumpo/top. His fascination with tops has been going on for a weeks. Bayblades might be the in thing now but in our house and in my mom’s, this old school top, the latest addition to Aki’s collection of traditional Filipino toys, tops our list of favorite toys.

Unfortunately for Aki, only his Lolo Toto knows how to play the toompoh. Franco has his chamba moments but he still needs to brush on his trumpo skills.

At first only Aki was interested in watching Lolo Toto play

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Filipino Traditional Toys Collection

Here is a super delayed post. I think I need to post this first before I blog about Aki’s toompoh obsession.

Presenting… Aki’s Pinoy Toys Collection.

Unlike Benten and Power Ranger toys, these old school toys aren’t easy to find.

I got this from Dapitan Arcade

My mother-in-law bought this clay cooking set from one of the stalls in the sidera during the Tanay town fiesta last year

Manang made this sipa for Aki the night before she went home. This was her last gift to her alaga. We miss her everyday

I asked my officemate Annie to buy this wooden snake  for Aki when she went to Baguio

I bought this hay piggie  in Lucban during the Pahiyas festival back in ’04.

My in-laws bought this classic paper mache rocking horse  from the Antipolo market.  We also have a rattan horsie which we got from one of the roadside stores in Pansol, Calamba.

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