Memoirs of a Mummy

Mummy Wins! Aki Wins! Oral Hygiene Wins!

January 16, 2012.  Around 7.40 in the evening.

At.Long. Last. My first real win in a negotiation session with Aki. I have a lot of pending entries in the pipeline but since we are yaya-less ( Lotlot is on AWOL ), those blog entries will just have to wait.

My mom got Aki new toothpastes which he was excited to try. He pushed a chair to the kitchen sink, stood on the chair and asked for a toothbrush. I asked him to choose among three of this five toothbrushes. He chose his Firefly toothbrush. We have a pre-brushing ritual after putting toothpaste on the brush – sawsaw, halo-halo, taktak. We were on to a good start. After letting me brush his molars, he decided he is done and rushed to the living room. After wrestling with him in the sofa for a few minutes as I tried to brush his teeth, I had a light bulb moment.
I picked up his Thomas “Chuchu (short pause) Chen” which I took out of the box just last Sunday and announced, ” If you won’t let me brush your teeth, No Thomas for tonight. I will count one to ten, If you are not ready when I reach 10, I will put your train away. One, Two, ….” Continue reading “Mummy Wins! Aki Wins! Oral Hygiene Wins!”

Memoirs of a Mummy

I am a MomCenter Blog Partner

I am thrilled to be invited to be part of their blogroll. And I am even more thrilled to get these wonderful freebies from Firefly!

Colorful Flossers

Steripod Toothbrush Sterilizers

Toothbrush that lights up for a minute

And my favorite, a musical toothbrush! How cool is that?! I was just wishing last week that someone would invent a singing toothbrush. Continue reading “I am a MomCenter Blog Partner”

Memoirs of a Mummy

The Tooth will Set You Free

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The first week of August was a week of firsts for our then 9 month old bulate. First time to sit, pee and poop on a potty chair.  🙂  First time to have a sprain. 😦  First time to drink from a glass by himself. 🙂 First time to brush his two little teeth. Weeeee!

As I mentioned before, we are big fans of Tommee Tippee. So when the time came to buy Aki’s first toothbrush, I went straight to the TT shelf in Baby Co. Their toothbrush is reasonably priced at php150++ for a set of three, 2 gum massagers and one real toothbrush. 

I was on my way to the cashier when something caught my attention.

Continue reading “The Tooth will Set You Free”