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Random Big Boy Updates

He’s getting better at ruining a what could had been a great group picture.

Proof that I have a big boy: We don’t bring a diaper bag anymore. We used to bring 101 items whenever we go out. Now, on days when I am not feeling lazy, I bring 5 things – foldable fan, water, extra shirt, towel/lampin for his back, and a damp towel. When my bag is small or is already full, I leave the water and the fan. Still using wipes? Try bringing a damp towel sometime. It is cheaper, earth-friendly and better at wiping sticky hands and faces. The capsule which often comes with a towel in it, is widely available.


Aki is taking his big boyhood to heart. Whenever we enter any building that has guards, he always go to the queue for males and does not move until the guard has inspected him.


Dragons are his current obsession. He even saw a dragon up high in the sky lately.


One of the stories that my mom always tells about my childhood is how embarrassed she was when she apologized to the parents of a kid I slapped on the face. Now, I understand how truly embarrassing that is. My neighbor and sister in law, Mae, was telling me how Aki misbehaved in their house. It was one offense after another. It felt like a never ending “but wait there’s more” tale.  Mae was not upset at all. She just wanted to let me know what happened. The next day, I made Aki write an apology letter.


This is not the first time that we apologized. The first incident happened with a stranger sometime in March. Aki and I were in Ceelin’s, a bakery in BF. I was waiting for my relatives. Aki went up to me and said that the other kid in the store was not dancing the Gangnam dance properly. Instead of arms forming an X, the kid’s hands were together. Aki was obviously bothered. I just told him that it is okay and let the kid be. While I was looking out the window, Aki approached the kid and tried to teach him the correct position of the arms. The kid, who was probably less than 2 years old, did not mind Aki and turned around. Then, it looked like Aki tried to slap the kid’s back. The kid cried. Oooooooooooooh shooot! From my angle, Aki did not mean any harm. He just wanted to call the kid’s attention again. Of course, that was not how the other kid’s family saw it. From the kid’s family, I mean mommy, daddy, lolo, lola, tito, tita and cousins, basing on their gasps and piercing looks, they thought Aki was their little prince’s first bully. I really could not blame them. I’d feel the same way if I were in their shoes.  I did not dare explain to them Aki’s side. The grandma looked really upset. I needed reinforcements but hubby stayed in the house because of our LQ and my relatives were nowhere to be found. My brain froze for half a second. Then, I quickly apologized to the mom, removed Aki from the scene and spoke to Aki in private about what happened.  He was also in shock because he did not mean to make the boy cry but he was also still upset that the boy was not doing the dance right. Even though there was nowhere for us to go, we left. About an hour after, we saw the kid again in church. Aki was in a better mood. So were the boy’s parents. The scary lola was not around anymore. We went to the parents and apologized again. This time, it was Aki who personally said “I’m sorry po.” The mom who looked surprised by the gesture, replied, “Aaaaw. It’s okay. (looking at me) Ganun naman talaga ang mga bata, diba? (looking at Aki) What is your name?”.

So all is well in the end but Aki, if you are reading this, you still owe me big time!!

Let’s move on to happier, less traumatizing thoughts, shall we?

But wait, there’s more!

Memoirs of a Mummy


We have a few simple rules on toy buying. (Check out Maggie’s recent post on this topic here ) The number one rule is do not buy. We have two playrooms in the house (blogged about them here and here) and piles and piles of toys. If we absolutely can’t stop ourselves from buying, Franco and I buy secretly. We make sure that Aki does not see us bring the toy to the cashier. I know we are going to get busted one of these days but who cares? So far it has been working. Of the toy store trips we’ve made, we only had to deal with dramafest once. The other rule is  avoid small toys because if they don’t end up missing, they will most likely be in some place they don’t belong like inside the sofa or under my foot. Has anyone accidentally stepped on the Lego block? Ouuuch! We also avoid high tech toys. The less a toy can do, the more Aki gets to use his imagination.

Sometime last February, Franco and I agreed to break rule number one. Aki’s been crazy about dinosaurs, thanks to his first encyclopedia, and his crazy parents want to support this obsession. After Aki played with the dinosaurs on display in Toys R Us, he and his dad went out while I secretly bought 10. I only wanted to buy 3 but Franco insisted we get all. It also did not hurt that the price tag (79 per dino) was reasonable. I know ten seems a lot but I had a strong feeling that the more dinos, the more fun Aki will have. And I was so right.

The next day, we asked our first visitor, my father in law, to pretend that he has something for Aki.


This boy’s happiness really is priceless.


And so are the voice effects  and the facial expression he  makes whenever he is playing with his toys.


Aki knows the scientific name of all his dinos except for the pacephalocy-something. I can’t pronounce it either so we agreed to just call it helmet-head. Only one dino was given a nick name though.


Any guesses on what he named his favorite T-rex toy?

Baby Emily! hahaha
Right before I took this picture, Aki and I were singing Rock-a-bye Baby to Emily.


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Aki and His Beyblade Obsession

Aki’s current obsessions are

1) Dinosaurs
2) Shells —> Please donate to Aki’s shell collection if you have shells that you want to dispose
3) Turtles

Before those, Aki was crazy about Beyblades. For a month, he reminded us everyday, at least 5 times a day that he wanted one.

It all started with a trip to the toy store last November. Franco and I have this agreement that we will never buy any toy from a toy store when Aki is with us. This is so the little one will not get used to asking us to buy him toys. He can touch the toys in the store but he knows that those can’t be brought home. Until…..

Until we went to Galleria last November and we saw kids having a Beyblade competition right inside the toy store. It was a great marketing ploy and parent trap. The kids were right by the entrance so everyone could see how much fun they were having.


The Beyblade rack was beside them so envious kids can easily grab a set and beg their Mamas and Papas to let them have one too. I learned from a friend that toy manufacturers don’t stop the brainwashing marketing there. Not only is the Beyblade commercial ad regularly shown in the cartoon channels, there is even a show for it!

My poor boy was jealously watching the kids in the tournament.The whole time, he was holding a Beyblade toy that he wanted us to buy for him.


We had to leave the store carrying a crying boy. He was not wailing or kicking. He was just sadly crying because he really wanted that toy. This made it even more difficult for us. Continue reading “Aki and His Beyblade Obsession”

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First Encyclopedia Set for my Curious Child

Thanks to my good friend Rachel, we were able to purchase Aki’s first encyclopedia set at a really discounted price.


Aki has a loooot of books already but I still thought of taking advantage of the sale because Franco and I have fond memories of the encyclopedia sets that we grew up reading. Jana and I had Popular Science, ChildCraft and New Book of Knowledge. Franco can’t remember the title of his old encyclopedia but could talk endlessly about how beautifully illustrated were the inventions, aircrafts and dinosaurs in his books. One of the top qualities that I want to instill in my children is curiosity. I want them to be wondering the whole time. I want them to see the world with a fresh perspective. I want them to be constantly asking questions and interested even on the most common things. Getting an encyclopedia, I think is a good start.

When we were reading about earthquakes and volcanoes, Aki got scared. Read his  impromptu prayer here.


When I read him this part, he got upset.


I don’t blame him. Every time, I think of the time when he would need to move out of the house, I get teary eyed too.

Most of the time, he gets really excited.


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Meet Sticky

He is the newest member of Familia Kiki. On some days, Aki considers Sticky as his brother. Sometimes, he thinks it’s his pet. Pet or brother, he loves Sticky mouse to bits. Since we bought Sticky last month as Aki’s prize, the two have been inseperable.

This was their first night together. The block was the pillow and the sando was the blanket

Aki converted one of the attachment of his mask for nebulizing into a potty for sticky

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A Spider Goes Out for a Walk

Franco’s parents gave Aki a Spiderman costume for his 3rd birthday.Weeks before the party, Aki has been announcing that he wants a Fydoman or a Ba’-man gift (now, he wants a ninja gift for Christmas). Honestly, I think my in-laws created a problem. Aki loves his Spidey costume so much he wants to wear it all the time. The only way I convinced him not to wear it to church was when I told him that Jesus might not recognize him. Oh, the silly lies I come up with.

The costume came in handy last last weekend when Aki woke up with a runny nose. I told Aki to go to the lawn to get some sunshine. He did not want to. When I told him that he can wear his costume including the mask , he suddenly wanted to go out of the house and visit our neighbor’s fishies.

bayee, mummy!

When he came back, he was feeling much better and was oh so happy! Continue reading “A Spider Goes Out for a Walk”

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The Gift of An Ordinary Weekend

A few months ago, I shared a video that made me cry buckets of tears.

Normally, I am giddy excited every Friday afternoon. I live and breathe for weekends. Long weekends are even extra-special. There is so many projects that I want to work on, so many recipes to try and so many movies to watch.  On stressful days like today and the past 7 days, make that 10 days including the heavy rains, thanks to the monsoon, all I really want is to go home and have a boring, uneventful weekend with my family.

I wish all our weekends are as simple and memorable as that of the last weekend of July.

Saturday, 7:36AM. Aki washed his urine-soaked shorts. Normally, when he forgets to use the potty, we ask him to wipe the mess. He was extra-industrious that morning and even volunteered to help Ate Dorina in the laundry area.
Saturday, 8:50AM. Aki made breakfast bohgoh (burger). Yum!
Saturday, 10:33AM. Mother-son bonding at the garden. Aki helped me spray the homemade pesticide to white bugs which have been attacking our chilli plants.
Saturday, 12:42PM. Aki showing Daddy that he is ready for more martial arts lessons. Here he is, practicing his “guard” on the unwilling sparring partner… Me!
Saturday, 4:21PM. Gaye marries Aaron! So happy to see my good friend so happy! What made the day even more special is the announcement from our other friend, Nyl, that she is getting married too! Happy happy!
Sunday, 6:45AM. Ironman went to potty. Funny little man is very much into superheroes nowadays. When he feels like being Ironman, he asks us to wrap a gold ribbon around his hand.
Sunday, 9:04AM. We are late for church! Because Aki insisted that he wears his favorite The Hulk pajamies over his clothes. Thankfully, he let us take of the pajama when we arrived.
Sunday, 9:26AM. “Penge nine hunded toins (hundred coins), fis (please)!” is what Aki just told me.
Sunday, 9:28AM. And this is why I hate attending mass inside a mall! The guy in white is the pasimuno.
I hate that the kids keep on running and playing.
Interestingly, Aki kept chasing a big kid who was playing with a toy gun. Aki kept saying, “Hey, no bengbeng. Stop it! Bengbeng bad! No bengbeng!” Inasmuch as I was happy to see him standing for what he believes in (or what I made him believe in), I am sure the big kid was pretty annoyed to have a small kid who was very passionate about his beliefs, run after him.
Sunday, 11:02AM. Look what I found in Booksale! The top 1 of the top 100 children’s books!

Check out the complete list here

Sunday 12:45PM. My baby can ride!
Is he ready for his first bike?

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