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Akisms @ 36 months

One of the inspirations to start a blog was the Pochanginamo blog. I read that blog even before I became a mom. When Poch decided to stop documenting online, it felt like my favorite TV show came to an end.

Now that Aki is very talkative, I am very excited to document the silly funny things that he say and can’t pronounce properly yet.


I was sitting on the floor when Aki hit me with a toy.
Me (nanggigigil sa inis): Aki that hurts!
Aki: I soli, Mummy! –  I am sorry, Mommy!
Aki (stood in front of me and gave me a big hug with matching closed eyes and big smile) Mummy, I so love..
Me: Love you too, Aki
Aki (patted my back while still hugging me) Good gohl. –  Good girl.
Me (talking to myself) Nauto nanaman ako.


Tina, my sister-in-law’s helper was teaching Aki how to pronounce the word WATERMELON. At the age of three, Aki is still struggling to pronounce W and -er.

Tina: Watermelon
Aki: Yoto-melon
Tina: Woh
Aki: Yoh
Tina: Ter
Aki: Toh
Tina: Melon!
Aki: Melon!
Tina: Watermelon!
Aki: Tubig-melon!


Aki just came home from my in-laws and saw me with the laptop.
Aki: Huh? Laptop again!? No laptop day, Mummy. Fanly day lang! – Only family day!
Naguilty naman ako.


Aki’s teacher noticed that one of his classmates always eats chicken for lunch.
Teacher to classmate: Do you really like to eat chicken everyday?
Aki (over heard the teacher and decided to interupt): No, Milo everyday! Continue reading “Akisms @ 36 months”

Akisms · Memoirs of a Mummy


On the morning of Aki’s first day in toddler school…

Aki: Mommy Hudas!!

I was stunned. He looked angry and irritated, his head almost shaking when he was shouting those two words. How dare this toddler call me Judas. I slept late labelling his school supplies and woke up very early the next day to make sure he has beautiful memories of his first day in school. Now, he calls me names. How dare he.

Aki: Mummy, Ati pupu! Hudas fis! Mummy, I did poopoo. Please wash.   Wash in Filipino is Hugas which in Aki’ toddler vocabulary is Hudas, the Filipino word for Judas.)


Me: Aki, nagluluto ako eh. Si Ate na lang maghuhugas sayo ha.  I am cooking. Ate will wash you.

Aki: No! Ate tuting. Mummy hudas! No. Let Ate will do the cooking. Mummy will wash.

Sometimes I forget that Aki is still a toddler, doing his best to communicate his thoughts. Two weekends ago, Aki kept saying “Mummy, taba. Mummy, taba. Mummy, fat. Mummy, fat. ” with matching pointing of finger. This was after I turned around after I brushed my teeth. Turns out, what he was trying to say was ” Mummy, may bula ka sa baba”  Mommy, there are bubbles in your chin.

While Aki’s far from being fluent, he is very patient when I need a minute to process what he is saying or when I ask him follow up questions to make sure I understand. He tries so hard to say the longer words.
As we were walking towards our house from my in-laws…..
Aki: Hi, Toh (pause ) lig (pause) lig! Hi, kulilig!

One evening last week…
Me: I am going up after 20 seconds. After I count up to 20 and you have not packed away your toys, I will leave you here.
Aki:  Inyan lang.
Me: Huh?
Aki: Inyan lang.
Me: Hindi ko maintindihan. Ulit.
Aki: Inyan. No sama. (Iwan. No sama)

A few weeks ago…
Aki: Mummy, chase bud, fis.
Me: Huh? Ano yun?
Aki:  Chase bud.
Me: Hindi ko naiintindihan.
Aki: Yey lang. (Wait lang) Gets a book and steps on it.
Aki: Like this oh.
Me: Aaaah. Skateboard!

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Akisms · Memoirs of a Mummy

Loving the Bulol Phase

I am so loving Aki’s bulol phase. Writing down some of his bulol words because 1) for sure, I will miss hearing them once Aki’s pronouncation gets better and 2) I will forget them if I don’t list them now.  Thanks to my momnesia.

(‘ ) – pronouncation is maragsa
(” “) – English pronouncation
(-)  – short pause between syllables

As of April 21

 bak – black
nnnohw/nnnnehw – no
apoh – apple
Ati “forced” – Aki first
Akicha/Atita – Akira
Mhay – mine
gamgam – langgam
baaaahs-tos – bastos/rude
it -liit/small
Ohhhh men – oh men
uuuuh “no” – oh no
gin – green
yed – red
“booo” – blue
vhawn – brown
ohneyz – orange
ling – ring
fiiiis – pleeeeease
taptap – laptap
baaaah-nana – banana
jadibi – jollibee
ti’ti’ – Nikkie
Tahteh – Ate
Sahwn – sound as in No sahwn, Tatay! meaning please stop playing your songs, Tatay
Yahtowt – yakult
Kuk – coke
pahnteyt – pancake
pahteyt – cupcake
teys – taste
sudat – sugat/wound
nana – Wala na
“Sir” tel – circle
Lalon – Lion (nasal)
Clab – crab
tahwnt – count
jow jow jow – go go go! Continue reading “Loving the Bulol Phase”