Memoirs of a Mummy

Define Hoarding

For a change, I would like to have a post that is not delayed. Just until the month ends. I have yet to blog about the rest of our stay in Asian hospital last August and Aki’s wiggly worm birthday party this month. I received 4 Liebster awards recently. That means I have to answer 44 questions. Haha. Good luck to me! I also have 90 comments to approve and reply. Thank you and I am so sorry for the delay. Keep the comments coming. Your comments make me smile even if you are just correcting my grammar. ūüėõ With the number of drafts in my head, I would rather blog away when inspiration strikes rather than proofread.

Thank you to everyone who commented on my I am just as important post. I wrote that a week after we left the hospital. I am a lot better now. Hopefully, I will remember to call the nearby studio for yoga classes. One thing I learned from the 6-day hospital experience is that caregivers, after a physically and emotionally tiring experience, need to take a break before going back to their normal routine.

Anyhoo, back to pretending that I don’t backlogs. Here is the most recent picture in my camera, taken exactly an hour and 13 minutes ago.

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Memoirs of a Mummy

Mr. Dream Boy

As I type this, I anxiously wait for Aki to wake up from his afternoon nap. He slept at around 3PM. It is almost 8:30 in the evening now. The sopas is cold. I doubt if the chicken lollipops are still crunchy.

Oh, wake up now please little dream boy. I can’t stay up late tonight.

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Memoirs of a Mummy

WANTED: Good Night Sleep for Baby and Mummy

¬†One of my greatest achievements as a mummy¬† is successfully establising Aki’s bedtime routine and schedule. Sleep training is important to me because if Aki’s up all night playing or crying, that means¬†¬†I was also up all night playing or crying too. I love spending time with my son but since I go to work during the day, making sure that we both get enough rest at night is a priority. ¬†

I tried to read as much as I could on sleep training. The most helful material was from Elizabeth Pantley ( she just came out with a new book on Separation Anxiety, btw)  

So what exactly did I do  

1. Watch out for cues and patterns. For Aki, sleepy means yawning and rubbing his eyes. Whenever I saw these signs which were around 6PM when Aki was still on his 2nd month, we’d immediate go inside our room and start our routine.

2. Set the stage. The room should be quiet, dimly lit and distraction-free

3. Practice a consistent bedtime routine. Ours consisted of  

  • last diaper change for the day
  • pajama
  • a short story
  • turning on the night lamp
  • good night kiss
  • shushing and patting of the bum

¬†By Aki’s 4th month, I did not wait for cues anymore. I just start the routine consistently, doing it at the same time every day. At 5 months, he can already sleep thru the night! ¬†

Here are more helpful tips from Elizabeth’s website: ¬† ¬†

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