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My Grandma’s 5 Minute Ham Glaze

Hello! I am sorry that this blog has been boring lately. I have a lot of picture and text heavy drafts that I don’t have time  for right now. Aki has been sick since Monday. I think he got too excited and too tired from the playdate that we had with my mommy blogger friends and their kids last Sunday.

I am sorry too for the delay in approving comments. The last comment that I think I approved was for my New Year’s Day post. Thank you for your patience and for still reading this online diary.

Anyhoo, here is a super quick glaze recipe that I got from my mom who got it from my dad’s mom, Mama Ogie.


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Memoirs of a Mummy

Last Day in Asian Hospital

Our last day! Yey! I took pictures every time nurses would go in our room because I wanted to document the announcement.  Imagine, every knock on our door got us really excited. The grand announcement did not come until 11AM


Interestingly, Aki was not bothered that much by blood extractions but he absolutely hated having his dextrose removed.



Franco left the room immediately to process the payment. It took him two hours. Thanks to our employer and to our HMO, we only paid 3K out of the 60K bill.

sorry for posting this, be! this was a very important moment so it is a must to document it.

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4th Day in Asian Hospital

I had grand plans for this weekend. Last week was a good but very busy work week. I was in the office at 8AM and went home at 10PM. I looked forward to spending time with Aki. I was supposed to go to SM and claim our prize for Aki’s costume. The deadline for Aki’s wreath project is on Monday. We need to work on that ASAP. I have to start making ornaments too. Lying in bed the whole day because of diarrhea is definitely not part of my plan.

If there is any good that this LBM brought me, I am still up at 12:24AM. Now I can work on my long overdue hospital stay posts.

Day 4

My father-in-law, his children and now Aki sleep with de-quatro legs.

My bed.

Aki’s breakfast. Not bad, right?

It was our 4th day in Asian Hospital and we were bored bored bored!

I noticed that Aki’s skin was getting very dry.

The lowlight of the day was when Dra Saulog said she wanted Aki to be tested for Kawasaki’s disease. This got me worried because I know treatment is very expensive.

Aside from additional blood tests, Doc also requested for Xray.

On our way to the Xray room

The highlight of the day? Actually, the highlight of our entire stay in the hospital. When Aki was asked to stand in the mini stage of the Xray machine,

he said, “Hi, I am Aki!”. And sang “A B C D E F G……”

Thank you, Aki, for being the brave boy that you are.

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Third Day in Asian Hospital

By our third day in Asian Hospital, we already reached our quota for the number of cartoon shows that we can watch for the whole year. The view from our room was not so bad but my eyes were tired of staring at the window.

Hospital stays can be nerve wracking and boring at the same time. We needed to go out! If only we can sneak Aki out of the hospital. I thought it would be fun to look at the newly born babies but we were told that Aki can only stay in the 6th floor.

Aren’t these room markers cute?

I really like that the hospital made an effort to keep the floor kid-friendly. We also discovered that there is a pantry and in it is a water dispenser for everyone. Too bad, we already bought a lot of bottled waters. Parents of babies will also appreciate that there are several Avent sterilizers in the pantry.

Since there is not much to do, we settled in one corner where we watched people pass by and where we got silly for our camera.

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Second Day at Asian Hospital

Our second day started early. At 5AM, we brought Aki to another room so that the nurses can reinsert the dextrose needle. He went back to sleep after that quick dramafest.

Although Aki was still his active self, his eyes on that day were not my son’s eyes.

Doc ruled out dengue because Aki’s platelet count was steady at 220. She was then looking at the viral infection angle. Doc also ordered nebulizer every 4 hours. Surprisingly, Aki would let the med tech take blood samples but he would do everything in his power to keep the cute face mask away.

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I am just as important as everyone else.. this family.

I have a recent realization. Thanks to Brooke Burkes. In an interview with Ladie’s Home Journal, Brooke said ” I am just as important as everyone else in this family” . She has a point. When I read that line, I told myself that I need to be the next Brooke. Haha.

Life went on. I forgot about that line. Then the craziness came. Then Aki was hospitalized. Then we were discharged. Then I went back to work.

Last Wednesday, I found myself crying the whole day. Actually, as soon as Nurse Jaypee, told Aki  to take care of himself, I suddenly felt like crying. Maybe because I have been faking courage for several days. I can not show Aki that I am dying inside seeing him sick with a dextrose. The only time I had to have an IV was when I gave birth. Prior to that I was never confined in a hospital. I felt soooo guilty. It did no help that I was  not  exactly the best person to care for my boy as I just came from a 3-day flu.

I am normally a panicky person but when we got the postive dengue results up to the family picture we had outside Aki’s room before we left the hospital, I was surprisingly calm. I cry at the slightlest emotion, positive or negative. When Aki was in the hospital, I did not consciously hold back the tear. There were no tears. I tried to keep the mood inside the hospital room light and cheery.

However, as soon as we said good bye to the nurses, I started feeling overwhelmed. I should be happy but I was not. I cried a bit when we reached the parking lot. My oh so sweet husband started mocking me. He is sweet in his own annoying way.  So after that short dramafest, no more tears again. I still was sad but not sad enough to cry.

It was when I returned to work that I got flooded with emotions. I felt guilty, overwhelmed, helpless, unappreciated, sad , pity for myself,  you name it. I know I am stressed when I wake up at 3AM and can not stop thinking. That was the case  since we left the hospital. I felt guilty for leaving Aki. If I were the one who sends him to school everyday, I would be able to tell him which potentially sick classmates to avoid. Or maybe, I could ensure that he always has anti mosquito lotion on him. As expected, I had hundreds of emails, 500 of them not including the announcements. I wanted to go home early but that was impossible, I felt guilty for the work that I passed on to Rosie. I felt terrible for not making sure that everything was taken cared of while I was on leave. Even if I could, I did not check my office emails while we were in the hospital because I did not want any additional stress. If I only did a quick scan, maybe there would be less follow ups. I was a walking emotional wreck. I felt like I were a terrible mother and even a worse employee. I tried to avoid anyone who might ask how I was. But when my kumarseng Ebbie cornered me and asked me to tell her what happened in the almost two weeks that I was out, hala! I cried and cried and cried. I think I cried inconsolably for 1.5 hour. I cried so much that I could not breathe anymore. Maybe that was just what I needed, a no-holds-bar good cry. I felt better, not good but still better, after that emo moment. Continue reading “I am just as important as everyone else..”

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Aki’s First Hospitalization: First Day at Asian Hospital

Monday, August 13, we brought Aki to Dr. Saulog’s clinic because of his fever. Doc ordered to have Aki take both dengue test and urinalysis. Aki had those lab test at a nearby hospital. While taking blood samples from Aki, the med tech did not seem to get my joke when I told him, “Dahan dahan lang ha, baka masuntok kita.” (slowly please, else I might punch you in the face). Promise, I said that with a sweet tone and with a smile on my face. I was hoping that the med tech would fake a smile so Aki wouldn’t be scared but the guy remained stone cold. Che! Franco came home around midnight with the terrible news that Aki was positive for dengue. Shoot shoot shoot! I tried to go back to sleep but I could not. There were a lot of things going thru my head. For most of the time, I was cursing the mosquito that bit Aki.

We called Doc first thing in the morning. She instructed us to bring Aki to the emergency room of Asian Hospital. I called my mom, my sister and my Tita Sor to check what we need to bring. I was only hospitalized once. This was when I gave birth. I had no idea what to bring. I even asked my sister what do people wear in the hospital, pambahay or pang-alis (house or outside clothes)?

The service at Asian Hospital was impressive from the very start. Nurses were attentive and friendly. Facilities were top notch. Here is Aki in the pedia ER. We called the weighing scale “skateboard” and the name tag “Benten watch”

I felt terrible when the nurses had to wrap Aki in blanket cocoon-style, so they can find a vein for the dextrose. I will never forget how scared and later on betrayed Aki seemed to be. In fairness to Aki, he was a lot braver that I thought. I thought he would be screaming and kicking but no. He was calm and quiet even though he was scared. The IV only bothered him for the first minutes. After that, he was back to his old self.

We told Aki to tap his magic wand every time his hand would hurt.Here we are off to our room. We stayed in the ER from 8AM-1PM because there weren’t any available room.

Family pictures as soon as we got to our room.

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The Warmth of a Cyber Hug

I have been feeling down lately. I don’t think I will ever  recover from the stress of having a sick child with IV dextrose. Every little thing at home and at work seem to bother me. I lose sleep over the things that I have no control over. Sometimes, I wake up at 3AM and can’t stop thinking about work. Last week, I could not stop thinking about this Team Manila shirt that Aki got for his first birthday. It was too big so I put it way for future use. When I remembered that shirt recently, I realized that I have no idea where it is. Even if I got home past 12MN, I opened all the vaccum bags, luggage and duffel bags of clothes that do not fit me, Franco and Aki anymore. Fail. I still have no idea where that shirt is. To top it all off, Aki got sick again last week.

Imagine, my surprise and delight, when I came home from work and saw this.

A package for me from Rachel!

Rachel is one of the many friends I met thru blogging. We  have only met twice. The first was during the Christmas party of our online  community, NewlyWeds@Work. The second was last August when we had a playdate. Thanks to our e-group, email exchanges, FB messages and our blogs, we know each other like old friends.

She knows that I have been depressed lately so she sent me a cheer-up package.  Inside were wonderful things that made me smile from ear to ear.

A handwritten letter, a book on themed birthday cakes, waybills perfect for the books that I promised to send out more than a month ago and colorful assorted beans because we  try to eat healthy. Rachel was so nice to even include a recipe. Continue reading “The Warmth of a Cyber Hug”

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The Gift of an Ordinary Weekend #38

Aki’s very words as I was taking this picture – Happy Family Day!


9:10AM He got my spray bottle of homemade pesticide and danced and sprayed it all over while saying “Iz raining! Iz raining!”

9:55AM Aki and I love this chalkboard book. Thank you, Jacob’s mom! This book is the reason why we have less scratch papers and why Aki is getting better at writing numbers. I think I will bring this book on our next long trip to keep Aki entertained.

10:35AM Aki found two belts and managed to make it look like a dog’s leash

10:58AM One of our favorite bonding activities nowadays is taking pictures of each other’s silly and funny faces

12:37PM Yey! My pork ribs in paprika tomato sauce was a success! Couldn’t wait for our daddy to try it!

1:17PM While waiting for our daddy, Aki found the bamboo sticks in the garden and played with it. The bamboo stick transformed into ninja sticks, a magic wand and a flying broom.

2:03PM Finally, Dadeh’s home! Off topic: Are you also rooting for Daddy’s Home in XFactor? As soon as he came in, Franky invited Aki to play in the rain. I was too KJ to join.

2:37PM While Franco and I were enjoying the ribs, Aki lay down on the floor and slept.

An hour later, his temperature went up! Yikes! I felt so guilty for letting him play in the rain. Good thing, we always have paracetamol and Iburofen in the ref.

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