Mrs. Monologues

96 months

Earlier today, a Latin American guy asked me, “Should I find a place here in Manila where I can dance salsa, would you like to join me?” My quick reply was ” Haha. I can’t dance even if my life depended on it.” What I really wanted to tell this nice guy was that my husband got a 4.0 in ballroom dancing in La Salle. Maybe he would want to go to that restaurant too. Haha. I did not tell him that I am married because I did not want to sound assuming.

Anyhoo, about to my ballroom dancing hubby, I am celebrating my 8th year anniversary with him today!  Eight years ago, while we were kissing in my old apartment, I pulled away (or was it him who pulled away?) and asked if we were already a couple.  Haha.  I wasn’t looking when he came into my life. I was still broken hearted because of boyfriend of 7 years left me for a prettier, funnier and more exciting girl. What I thought would be fling for a few months is now a 96 month old relationship that means the world to me.

I have written several love letters to my bebe. This is the first one.  I remember feeling so inspired to write after interviewing a foreigner who told me about his quest to find the girl for him. There was this guy, who went half way around the world looking for his one true love. That person made me realize how lucky that I was/am to be with someone who loves me just the way I want to loved. Franco and I are different in so many ways yet there is no one else I can call bestfriend except for him.

Before you read my love letter, you may want to hop over to the music page of our wedding website. Scroll down and click on Listen. Here is the link.

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