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Maqui's Me Time

Mid-Year Reflections


One word to describe the first 6 months of 2014


Compared to last year, is the first half better or worse?

Better definitely!

What is your biggest achievement so far? 

I can’t pick one so I am listing them all down

Fully paid our housing loan and Aki’s tuition fee

Read all three Power of Praying books and attended my first Power of the Praying Wife prayer meeting

Opened Aki’s Ice Candy Store and taught my son the value of saving

Flew a kite and made giant bubbles

Had a physical and online garage sale. I earned almost 7K!

Got rid of the stubborn ring in our toilet.

One of the teams that I am managing is performing  4X better compared to last year.

Bought new make-up and started wearing make-up everyday at work.

Organized an outreach to the Sta Rita Orphanage. With the help of the N@W community, we raised almost 7K and donated boxes of milk, diapers, medicine (Thank you Unilab!), noodles (Thank you URC!), clothes and toys.

What’s the biggest surprise that 2014 brought you?

Sad surprise – My miscarriage. It was so unexpected as no one in the last 20 years in my family lost a baby.   I have always took pride that I was healthy. Until  I gave birth to Aki, I was never hospitalized. No stitches. No broken bones. No allergies. My miscarriage was the first time for my body to fail me. 😦

Happy surprise – My team got relocated to Makati which is closer to home.  Unlike before when one way commute with 2-3 transfers took 1-2 hours, now I ride with hubby and travel time is only 15-20 minutes.

What’s the biggest struggle for you?

Miscarriage, cancer-scare and h-mole. When the doctors confirmed that there was no heartbeat, they also detected abnormal proliferation in the placenta. Thank God, it’s not cancer. After a series of expensive blood tests, my blood levels are now back to normal. 🙂

What’s the best thing that you have done for yourself?

 Became more prayerful.



Best book the you have read?

 Power of the Praying Woman

Best movie that you have watch?


Any new person (new boss, new kid, new doctor, new friend, new neighbor etc)  in your life that made the last 6 months more interesting (either positive or negative)?

God. Until late last year, I did not care about my spiritual side. I hardly prayed and when I did, it was all about asking for something. I was worried ALL the time.  Now, I surrender my concerns and desires to God. I sleep better at night knowing that He will take care of me.

Is there a new place that you visited for the first time?

 Edsa Shangrila but it was so-so compared to our favorite Manila Hotel

Any new hobbies that you took up?

 Instagram. Hahaha. Such a time waster but I love it.


Did you set any new year’s resolutions for 2014? Have you achieved them?

 Yup. I told myself that I will exert effort to be more prayerful.

Which of the following aspects do you want to see improvements on by the end of the year

Love Life/ Social Life/Family/Career/Financial/Beauty/Emotional/Spiritual/Health

Health. I want to be more conscious of what I eat. I also want to start running again.

Has 2014 been kind to you too? 🙂

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