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Latest Additions to my Ref Magnet Collection

Can I just say that I have the nicest and most thoughtful friends and family?! Thanks to them, even if I have not been going anywhere, my magnet collection has grown. I blogged about my collection here, here and here.

Don’t you just love the intricate details of magnets? I wonder how they are made and what are they made of? Are those carved? Probably not. Are they hand or machine painted?

I love magnets because they remind me of the places that I have been too. They also remind me that I was remembered during the trips of my friends and family.  I have  lost some magnets. Sigh. Thanks to very curious and playful little hands. I particularly miss my Thailand river market and Davao durian magnets. Hopefully, I will get the chance to go back or someone who loves me will visit those places again and get me new magnets.

Moving on…

Thanks Tita Ming for my Taipei magnet!


From my dear father-in-law, a magnet from Rome.


From Stockholm with love. Thanks Sieggy! Malaysia magnet naman next time ha. 😛


Maggie got me this one from India. Thanks, Maggie! Your next assignment: Bacoor magnet. Harhar!

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