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Have you ever heard of the LittleHoots app? This app makes documenting Aki’s quotable quotes, so easy and so fun! I love it so much that I overcame my fear of purchasing anything online, just so I can buy more templates. The app itself is free and it comes with free “tiles”. If you want more templates, and I so sure you would, you can buy a set for $0.99 only. Continue reading “Akisms”

Maqui's Me Time

Rainy Day Reflections


It is raining again!  Just when I thought the skies are looking better, heavy downpour comes. On the bright side, I am really thankful that all three of us, Franco, Aki and I are in one place. The boys are snoozing while I am laptop-ing.  I guess this is one of those rare times that I will be able to tackle my blog backlogs..

hmmm. I have a lot. Let’s see. Mutual Funds 101. Mid-year new year’s resolution review.  Our Elbi Summer Vacay. Aki’s Dragon Tale. My Father’s Day Philly Cheesesteak Recipe. Mini mini mynimo. Alin dito ang ipo-post ko. Eto oh Eto. Eeeto! The chant has spoken. I will write about my new year’s resolution and some reflections.

Where do I start?  What were the things that I want to accomplish this year… Continue reading “Rainy Day Reflections”

Memoirs of a Mummy

Define Hoarding

For a change, I would like to have a post that is not delayed. Just until the month ends. I have yet to blog about the rest of our stay in Asian hospital last August and Aki’s wiggly worm birthday party this month. I received 4 Liebster awards recently. That means I have to answer 44 questions. Haha. Good luck to me! I also have 90 comments to approve and reply. Thank you and I am so sorry for the delay. Keep the comments coming. Your comments make me smile even if you are just correcting my grammar. 😛 With the number of drafts in my head, I would rather blog away when inspiration strikes rather than proofread.

Thank you to everyone who commented on my I am just as important post. I wrote that a week after we left the hospital. I am a lot better now. Hopefully, I will remember to call the nearby studio for yoga classes. One thing I learned from the 6-day hospital experience is that caregivers, after a physically and emotionally tiring experience, need to take a break before going back to their normal routine.

Anyhoo, back to pretending that I don’t backlogs. Here is the most recent picture in my camera, taken exactly an hour and 13 minutes ago.

Define hoarding.. Continue reading “Define Hoarding”

Memoirs of a Mummy

The Reason

I have a lot of picture-heavy drafts in my head. Lately, I am getting lazier and lazier to wake up early to edit the pictures and blog.  So here’s a post on random things  Aki did lately.

My 32 month old is the reason why

1. I have dry skin. He discovered my lotion and emptied the bottle.

2. I have  a lot of unflaterring paparrazi-like pictures nowadays. I fear for the safety of my camera!

3. My closet is one big mess! Aki likes to hang out there.

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