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Aki’s Summer Project: The Ice Candy Store


Yes, I may have lost my blogging mojo but I am logged on to WordPress now because Aki’s summer project is just so cute not to share.


So tell me is this sooooo cute or is this so cuuuuuute?


Honestly, if you assign a peso value to the effort in buying the ingredients, the creativity to come up with new flavors, the labor that we put it in to make these babies , and not to mention, the electricity and freezer space, the measly 20 bucks that we earn on a good day is not worth all the hassle. But, seeing Aki beaming with pride every time he makes a sale, is beyond priceless.


Aside from the value of hardwork, we also hope that through this project, Aki will master addition and subtraction.


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Fly Fly Green Butterfly


I am so happy to share that we have discovered new butterflies in our garden.

Missed our posts on our save-the-caterpillars project last year? Click here to back read.

Technically, the new butterflies/caterpillars are not in our garden because the host plant , the acapulco is right in the border of our property and that of our neighbor. The neighbors do not seem to care about the plant so I am claiming it to be ours. Manang Lydia said in Samar, acapulco is considered a weed but I think it is to pretty to chop down.


After diligent observation for about 2 months, we now have a better understanding of the life cycle. I still have yet to find out what kind of butterfly this is so Bostjan, if you are reading this, feel free to jump in and share your expertise with us again.

Remember this Vet for A Day post? Aki nurtured an injured butterfly back to health. It was the first time for us to see a green butterfly in our garden. We never saw one again until late last year. While opening the gate, I saw a green butterfly in labor. I know how a butterfly in labor looks like because I have seen a lot of other butterflies lay eggs in our calamansi plant. They flap their wings faster. They don’t care if your face is 2 inches away which is unusual because normal butterflies will fly away as soon as they sense that you are coming. The eggs come out of the tail.

My dear one playing with his new pets.


He even came up with a caterpillar race for them similar to the one he made for the chubby pets from last year.
Let’s look at the life cycle, shall we?
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The Caterpillar Story

Last summer, Aki and I started our caterpillar project. I thought it was going to be a walk in the park.  We have a calamansi plant in our backyard that those carnivorous caterpillar-eating birds did not know of. Unfortunately, someone spilled our secrets and we found ourselves shooing away the birds more often. Weeks had past and none of our wormy pets turned into a butterfly.

Things only got better when I rediscovered the old tulle we used to babyproof our electric fans when Aki was still a young toddler. With the help of the tulle, we were able to keep our caterpillars safe from birds.

Here is what we learned about these interesting creepy crawlers

We learned that initially, they are black. The newly hatched caterpillar actually looks like insect poop. Give it a couple of days and it will grow into this


Don’t blink because in a few hours, it will be turn green


The green caterpillar will greedily eat leaves. No wonder it will triple in size in just  a matter of days


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Modern Day Pen Pals aka Birthday Card Exchange Project

Now that we live in the digital age, the only thing that we receive from the mailman are bills! Bills bills and bills! We don’t receive birthday cards and hand written letters anymore. Everything is sent thru Facebook, email or text. That was not the case when I was growing up. I always looked forward to receiving birthday cards every November and Christmas cards every December. We knew who was the mailman for our barangay and even got updated when he married his long time girlfriend.

I want Aki to experience the same thrill of seeing his name in a newly delivered envelope. Thus, the birthday card exchange project was born.

It was a wonderful project that Aki and I did last week.

I enjoyed buying the cards, matching the cards with the personality of the kids and writing special messages for Lola Do and Kuya Rocky.

A pen pal project is not a pen pal project without pictures. And pictures must have dedications. hahaha

Aki wrote his name and doodled on the envelopes.

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Aki’s Homemade Feelings Book

I have been told several times in the past  that I should consider going to theater because according to them, my face is very expressive. Well, that will never happen because one of my greatest fear is speaking in front of an audience.  But there is still hope for fame and fortune in Broadway because Aki seems to inherit my expressive gene. I just hope that he got his dad’s confidence.


Doing this project, made me realize how lucky I am to be Aki’s mom. He really is a happy baby. I could not find any picture of him angry or mad.  Based on my standards, he hasn’t had a full blown, body-flipping, toy-tossing. top-of-his-lungs wailing tantrum. Let’s hope he stays that way.

here are the many facial expressions of our beloved one

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Aki’s Homemade Texture Book

Books. Books. Books. We have so many of them. We don’t need another one. What we need is a new bookshelf.  I just came  with 7 more books for Aki. Yikes!

Even though we have at least five touch and feel books in the house, I could not resist doing this so cute project. I learned it from my newest, my third to be exact, book on activities for toddlers. It is my most expensive purchase from BookSale so far but it is so worth it.

First I bought a couple of folders.

Cut them in half and placed rubber bands on the middle to secure.

I gathered different kinds of trash, er, materials with different textures.

After using a super glue and a double sided tape, our book is done!

Special thanks to my neighbor Mae for the creative  cover.

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Personalized Father’s Day Board Book

Yey! Finally, after working on this project since the week before Mother’s Day, our Father’s Day gift is now here!

It may look simple but it really was a labor of love. First step was sorting thru the thousands and thousands of pictures since Aki’s birth. Then, I came up with the wordings which took me about a week. There is so many things I want to say but in the end I decided to go with what I think  our toddler would like to say  to his dad.  Taking cue from our Daddy and me boardbooks, I tried to use simple words we say everyday.  The next step was choosing pictures for each spread. Again, this was not easy because there were so many pictures to choose from. Because I have zero knowledge on how to arrange pictures, I availed the free lay out  service of the printing vendor.

Presenting, our 6 x 6, first of hopefully many family board books…

Front Cover

My favorite, the back cover

I love it when you make funny faces.

I love it when you give me tight hugs and pouty kisses

Thank you for the fun games we play

You make everyday a happy happy day!

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