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Potty Training Success!

From food, let us move on to potty stories. haha.

It was July 23. I took a leave because I wanted to have an agenda-free day. No errands. No projects. No sick child. I just wanted an extra rest day. I am really glad I took a leave on that day because that morning, Aki said poopoo before actually soiling his diapers for the second time. I blogged about the first time here.  It does not matter if he actually did the deed 3 hours later. The important thing is that he sat in his potty for hours and actually pee-ed and pooped on it. Oh what joy!

For the rest of that week, he has been asking for his potty. His accuracy was about 50 percent. The week after, it was I would say 80%. Unless he was too engrossed in an activity, he would inform us if he needs the potty. I actually bought stickers and studied the how-to’s of administering a progress chart system ala Kazdin method. The stickers ended up in my craft box because Aki did not seem to need any additional encouragement. On the week that he got hospitalized, we even had my in-laws bring the precious potty because Aki would not pee and poop on his diapers. Now, more than a month after he asked for his potty for the second time, he pees standing up and goes to school diaper-free.

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The Gift of An Ordinary Weekend

A few months ago, I shared a video that made me cry buckets of tears.

Normally, I am giddy excited every Friday afternoon. I live and breathe for weekends. Long weekends are even extra-special. There is so many projects that I want to work on, so many recipes to try and so many movies to watch.  On stressful days like today and the past 7 days, make that 10 days including the heavy rains, thanks to the monsoon, all I really want is to go home and have a boring, uneventful weekend with my family.

I wish all our weekends are as simple and memorable as that of the last weekend of July.

Saturday, 7:36AM. Aki washed his urine-soaked shorts. Normally, when he forgets to use the potty, we ask him to wipe the mess. He was extra-industrious that morning and even volunteered to help Ate Dorina in the laundry area.
Saturday, 8:50AM. Aki made breakfast bohgoh (burger). Yum!
Saturday, 10:33AM. Mother-son bonding at the garden. Aki helped me spray the homemade pesticide to white bugs which have been attacking our chilli plants.
Saturday, 12:42PM. Aki showing Daddy that he is ready for more martial arts lessons. Here he is, practicing his “guard” on the unwilling sparring partner… Me!
Saturday, 4:21PM. Gaye marries Aaron! So happy to see my good friend so happy! What made the day even more special is the announcement from our other friend, Nyl, that she is getting married too! Happy happy!
Sunday, 6:45AM. Ironman went to potty. Funny little man is very much into superheroes nowadays. When he feels like being Ironman, he asks us to wrap a gold ribbon around his hand.
Sunday, 9:04AM. We are late for church! Because Aki insisted that he wears his favorite The Hulk pajamies over his clothes. Thankfully, he let us take of the pajama when we arrived.
Sunday, 9:26AM. “Penge nine hunded toins (hundred coins), fis (please)!” is what Aki just told me.
Sunday, 9:28AM. And this is why I hate attending mass inside a mall! The guy in white is the pasimuno.
I hate that the kids keep on running and playing.
Interestingly, Aki kept chasing a big kid who was playing with a toy gun. Aki kept saying, “Hey, no bengbeng. Stop it! Bengbeng bad! No bengbeng!” Inasmuch as I was happy to see him standing for what he believes in (or what I made him believe in), I am sure the big kid was pretty annoyed to have a small kid who was very passionate about his beliefs, run after him.
Sunday, 11:02AM. Look what I found in Booksale! The top 1 of the top 100 children’s books!

Check out the complete list here

Sunday 12:45PM. My baby can ride!
Is he ready for his first bike?

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The sun will come out

I feel guilty about my post last night. I sounded like a silly working mommy complaining about money and commuting when parts of Metro Manila are submerged in water. It was only this morning when Franco turned on the TV did I realize the gravity of the flood problem. When I was still a college student in UP Diliman, the only flood prone areas that I know were UST and Marikina. Now, when you watch the news you see water everywhere. How can an expressway be flooded?

To relieve my guilt, I am posting the things I am thankful for today:

1. My family is safe and we are together. I would be worried sick if I was stuck in the office or, worse, in traffic.

2. We had our door fixed last weekend. The problem with our front door is that rainwater goes inside the house when the winds are strong thru the space between the door and our floor. Mang Totong painted the door with emulsion/emulsifier/emul-something paint that repels water. We also installed a strip of rubber to the door to fill the gap.  We are seriously considering extending the canopy but we are still checking our options.  A cement canopy would cost us 23-25K . Polycarbonate and stainless steele canopies cost even more. Anyhoo, I am just thankful that I am less paranoid now about our living room getting all wet.

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Not Your Usual Potty Training Book: Everyone Poops by Taro Gomi

I have this personal rule when buying second hand books: if the previous owner did not take care of the book, don’t buy!  However, because I have been wanting this book for the longest time, I still bought this copy. Even though the spine looks pre-chewed by the books previous owner, Aki and I, and even Franco, love love love this book!  Unlike our five other books on potty training, this one is really yucky and really visual. 

 Aki tends to be shy about pooping. When he is doing it, he would look quietly sit and freeze in the corner until he is done. I hope this book will teach him that it is perfectly okay and normal to poop.

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Memoirs of a Mummy


Slipper-trained that is. Aki is finally interested in wearing slippers.

I have had my slippers since 2004. Franco got his in 2006. I doubt if Aki’s slippers will last for more than 3 months.

We are taking a relaxed approach on potty training. I actually have two books on potty training.  Both of them I haven’t read thoroughly.

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Last week, we decided that it is time for the playpen to retire.

Yey! Our first floor is one clutter down. Twenty thousand to go!

 A few weeks ago, we also let the bulky diaper bag retire. We love our Bebe Chic because it is  roomy. But now that Aki does not drink as much milk and  pee as often, we don’t need to bring a lot of bottles and diapers anymore. We are now using this toddler size second hand bag from Kuya Rock. I will share the contents in another post.

Interestingly, the baby bath tub came out of retirement last weekend. We stopped using it when Aki started walking.  There was no way to keep that boy still and away from the faucet.  Now there is. I bought him three small bath boats.  And he now likes to play and talk to his rubber friends. Sometimes even giving them a bath while we give him a bath.  I love this pic. I wish I was ble to video tape what just happened.  Aki was talking to his rubber ducky, did the no no sign and then pointed at the door. I think he was telling the rubber ducky that it is not allowed to go out of the bath room.

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