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The Start of the End of Carefully Planned Birthday Parties

Last summer, Aki and I agreed on the theme of his birthday party.I did not go all-out with the planning yet as I wanted to know the school’s policies on birthday celebrations. As the school year progressed, I realized that Aki’s big school is not big on parties. At least 5 classmates celebrated their birthday in school and none gave invitations.  The class adviser only wrote on the diary to inform the parents. If I remember correctly, only 1 gave out loot bags. Actually, in general, Aki’s school is not big on monthly celebrations. I have friends who regularly have to come up with costumes for their kids’ school’s United Nations, Linggo ng Wika, Community Worker, Nutrition day. So far, the school has not required any costumes yet. The closest probably is the monthly note from the vice principal that it is time for a haircut.

Back to the party. Then, a few weeks ago, Aki said he wanted a pizza party like Lance’s. Hmmm. I was immediately sold. If classes are suspended, like last year, no food will go to waste. If the classmates are not in the mood to eat, like in Aki’s old school, we can take home the left-overs. And with only 15-20 minutes of party time, there’s no allowance for games and cutesy details.

Several days before the party, we convinced Aki that there won’t be any party. He did not mind. What he did not know is we told her teacher that we want to surprise Aki.

Here is how the day went

After breakfast, we reviewed Aki for his quiz on the Holy Rosary. Can you guess what mystery this is? Continue reading “The Start of the End of Carefully Planned Birthday Parties”

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Pizza Playdate with Coco and Rachel

Last June,we had an impromptu pizza playdate with Rachel and Coco. It was our first time to have a playdate since we went to the Fun Farm August last year. We had been planning playdates but for the longest time but something always comes up. Hopefully, the one planned for this month, will push thru.

For our pizza making activity, I prepared flour tortillas, pizza sauce, ham, pepperoni, quickmelt cheese and chopped homemade burger.


Coco and Aki after making their pizza.


I cooked the pizza in the oven at 180 degrees and ta-daaaaa!

If I had more time, maybe we could have  tried making our own pizza dough. Mixing and kneading are always fun. The store-bought tortillas are not so bad either. They are hassle free and crisp up nicely after 15 minutes in the oven.

These are the best pictures that I got of the ever makulit and malikot boys. I know these are terrible photos but these are the best from the bunch. What else do you expect when you have 2 energizer bunnies?


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Memoirs of a Mummy

A Pizza Party

I have been looking forward to Halloween even when Aki was still inside my tummy. I have been hoping to get the crown from my officemate who have been winning the best costume award for her daughter for 5 straight years. In fact, I have had sketches of Aki’s first costume even before he was born.  Unfortunately, he has yet to attend our office Halloween party or any Halloween party for that matter. October is a busy month for me because it is Aki’s birthday month. It is also the month when we often have balikbayans on both sides of my family. Last month was especially crazy for me because of the sudden departure of Cheryl and Franco’s business trip.

This year we finally got to celebrate celebrate Halloween but in a  non-Halloween way with 3 non-halloween activities. One of them is the pizza party/contest

My sister and I prepared the toppings:

 Store-bought pizza sauce, ham, sauteed mushroom slices, onions, pineapple, meat sauce (left over from Aki’s party, it was frozen right after the birthday party btw), white sauce (left over from my sister’s lasagna), 3 types of cheese (parmesan, mozzarella and processed chedar)

We gave each kid a half pizza and let them top away


After they were done, we asked each kid to name their pizza.  We baked the pizza for 10 minutes and voila! Yummy homemade pizza! 

Jyl’s Pizza – Jyliana Extravaganza


Rocky’s Pizza

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