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Classic Polvoron

One of my favorite memories growing up is making polvoron and yema with my sister. Aaah, the smell of burnt of flour…


I thought of making polvoron because I want to increase Aki’s milk intake. According to our favorite pedia in the whole wide world, Dra. Vienne Saulog, one of the possible causes is that he is drinking less milk now. Since our last check up, Ate Dorina and I have been more proactive in offering fresh milk in between and during meals.


1 2/3 cup All-purpose flour
2/3 cup Full Cream Milk. I think I used a mix of Bear Brand and Lactum 3+
1/2 Cup Refined Sugar
1/2 cup Salted Butter
3/4 cup Margarine

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Chicharon, Cassava Cake, Champorado ATBP.

There are  gazillion things that I am thankful for. One of them is Aki’s renewed appetite. Because he is eating more now, he is not getting sick as often as he used to.

We had him take Mosegor after our staycation in Asian hospital. I was expecting that he will be back to his picky ways after he finished the bottle, but no. It is been almost two months since his last taste of appetite stimulant but he is still eating everything that comes his way. He is still picky at  times but most often than not, he eats and eats and eats.

Lately, I noticed that he has been showing interest in native treats that he would even  not look at before. He loves his..

Paborita. Growing up in Bayog, I loved munching on these.

Chicharon/Pork Rind


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Ate Dorina’s Eggplant Burger Patties

For the 4th time this year, we are maid-less once again. Ate Dorina is on emergency leave because her 3rd child is in the hospital. When I learned that her child is sick last Tuesday, we agreed that she will go home today, Thursday. However, when I got home, I could see how worried she was. I remembered how stressed I was when Aki got sick last August. All I wanted to do was to look after my sick son. What really helped me during that difficult time was having a supportive and understanding boss who told me that my child is more important than everything else. So, I told Ate Dorina that if she wants to go home the next morning, she may do so. She left yesterday at 2:45AM.  I am happy to report that Baling, her daughter, is now getting better.

Ate promised that she will be back as soon as Baling is okay. I am crossing my fingers and toes that she will keep her word though deep inside, I am worried. From experience, I learned that leaving clothes behind, a great employee-employer relationship, a salary advance, a work-issued phone, character references that we know personally, genuine love and care for Aki and a hundred promises are not guarantees that a helper will come back. Oh, and tomorrow is Aki’s school party. Then, Saturday, we will have a simple lunch celebration at home. Good luck to me!

Anyhoo, I would like to share this recipe that Ate Dorina taught me. Our picky eater loved this dish so much that he asked for a second serving. Even Franco, who is not the biggest fan of eggplants, enjoyed this dish.

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How to Make Homemade Orange Juice

Aki’s picky eating is my karma. I did not eat chicken growing up (I now try to eat them but I can only eat ground chicken meat). I made my mom and past helpers make a special meal for me whenever the main dish is chicken. I am not allergic. I just don’t like chicken. Now, many years later, I have a toddler who thinks I am a short order cook. I have put him on behavior modification program which I think is working. More on that on my future posts.

Anyhoot hoot, one thing I noticed with Aki is that there is a bigger chance that he will at least take one bite if he is involved in the food preparation. Aki does not like orange slices but he likes almost all kinds of juice. So why not make homemade orange juice? Homemade OJ is not only cheap, it is also preservative free. Not to mention that making one was a fun activity for our toddler.

First, roll the oranges, pressing them against the table top as you roll them. According to Jamie Oliver, we will get more juice if we add this step. Cut the oranges in half.

Using a manual juicer (is that what this white thing is called?), put the orange half face down, and rotate by hand until you have squeezed all the juice.

Transfer the liquid into a glass.

Add a tablespoon of sugar.

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Picky Eater’s Top Food Picks: Homemade ‘Zizza’

One thing I noticed with Aki’s eating habits is that he is more likely to eat if he feels involved. When I am pouring juice or water to his cup, he likes saying STOP when he feels I have poured enough. When eating, he likes to mix the soup with his rice on his own. I ask for his opinion on what he wants me to draw using ketchup. That is when he is not insisting to make ketchup faces himself.

Here is  simple activity that my picky eater enjoyed. I was so sure that he was going to eat because he was involved from start to finish.


Wheat bread
Grated Cheese
Chopped ham
Pizza sauce

Sauce first

Ham next

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Mango Squash Popsicles

Getting my picky eater to eat fruits and veggies is a challenge nowadays. When he was younger, I could get him to drink malunggay soup every morning. He used to eat 2 bananas in one sitting. Now, I feel like I need to do a song and dance number plus an acrobatic routine just to get him to look at his plate. Saying aaaah is a different story.

I thought of revisiting our popsicle molds after seeing how Aki loved the yummy ice cream goodies from Dairy Queen.

Ingredients. One mango. 1/5 of a 10 pesos slice of squash. Yogurt

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Nutrition Facts

Because Aki is at times a  picky eater, I developed a habit of checking the nutrition facts of foods that I buy. I want to make sure that the few things that he gets to eat are rich in nutrients. By the way, these are the nutritional requirements of toddlers.

Calories: about 1300
Protein: 16 grams
Vitamin A: 400ug RE
Vitamin C: 40 mg
Thiamin: 0.7 mg
Riboflavin: 0.8 mg
Niacin: 9 mg
Vitamin B6: 1.0 mg
Folate: 50 ug
Calcium: 800mg
Iron: 10 mg

Source: here

Dra Saulog said so long as Aki eats lutong bahay dishes, there is no need for us to be conscious of his intake. Since that is not always the case, I like reading the labels. Some of my discoveries:

Oatmeal, a good source of dietary fiber and protein

The healthiest crackers

Rebisco with Whole Wheat

The best cereals?

According to our first pedia, many Pinoy kids have iron and zinc deficiencies.  Less than a cup of this cereal provides 60% of the daily iron needs and 30% for zinc.

And the winner is…

Drum rolls please…

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