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Updated: The Gift of An Ordinary Weekend W#35 Part 1

The most awaited day of our save-the-caterpillars project has arrived!
Will blog about it soon.

We are off to Franco and Aki’s martial arts training. Yes, another member of the Familia Kiki is now into martial arts. And yes, I am so OP (out of place). Last Saturday was actually Aki’s second session. Aki’s training is all games and play. He doesn’t even know that he is being taught self-defense techniques. Normally, I get bored when I watch Franco train but last weekend, I made sure that I was present. One, I want to see Aki in action. I missed his first session because I had to perform my civil duties to help the commerce in my country, aka I went to Divisoria. Two, I wanted to talk to Aki’s self-defense instructor to understand the program. I was told that Aki will NOT (thanks, be, for pointing out that I missed that  important word)  be taught how to punch or do arm-locks. If someone tries to bully him, Aki will know how to control the movements of the bully. And because I am such a crybaby, I secretly shed a tear or two. My heart was bursting with pride when everyone was cheering Aki while he practiced the moves that were taught to him. I am hoping I will learn not to cry every time I watch Aki because I might make Franco’s guy friends freak out.

Sad news welcomed us when we got home. One of our parrot pets, Cling, passed away. Yakk,the other bird, was too aggressive. She kept on biting poor Cling. She also did not want to share the food with her cagemate.  We made a difficult decision to let Yakk go. Aki was really sad when we set his last bird pet free.

We are considering getting him a puppy on his birthday.  Any suggestions on what breed to get?

To bury the sadness, we went to the mall.While, the daddy paid our bills, Aki and I went to Booksale. Daddy came minutes after. When he got bored, he brought Aki to the arcade. When they went back, I was still not satisfied with my book-hunting. Franco went to his go-to barber for a scalp massage while Aki and I continued looking for books.

When the two of us reached our Booksale budge limit got tired, we went to McDo. Aki’s Kiddie Crew coordinator recognized him and gave him a toy. Thanks, Kuya Iann. Aki and I bonded over strawberry sundae and fries.
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1001 Things To Do · Learning Through Play

Those Mysterious Chubby Pets

Family and friends, I would like to introduce you to our new mysterious pest pets

Isn’t it cute?

I discovered three of them inside a garbage bag. Being nosy does have its advantages.

Aki and I immediately fell in love with them. They are much cuter than the usual caterpillars that we have in the garden.

We did not want them to get bored so Aki made an obstacle course.

Later, he also made a “farm” but I was not able to take a picture of it.

Aki probably sensed that the chubby cuties were getting tired. We transferred them to the calamansi plant, home of the original caterpillar pets. We made sure that those evil birds don’t get to eat our babies so we covered the plant. OA?? I know! That’s me!

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Learning Through Play · Memoirs of a Mummy

Best friend

I would like to introduce y’all to Aki’s bestfriend.

Say hi to Uod. Aki and Uod used to play in the garden all the time. Now, they play inside the house.

Aki likes to make houses out of pillows and plastic boxes for his friend.

Uod likes riding Aki’s cars while Aki likes pushing the cars for Uod.

Come! Come! Come!

Aki even taught his best friend how to use the potty!

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Memoirs of a Mummy

Faki, Feki, Fiki, Foki and Aki’s other pet fish

Please say hi to Faki, Feki, Fiki and Foki. Had we bought a fifth fish, can you guess what would we call it?

We got these goldfish from a vendor outside Manila Zoo. We had no plans of buying but it seemed that Aki had no plans either of leaving without a new pet. 

Franco predicted that they will die the next day. He was wrong! Only one died the next day. Two died on the second day.  No more deaths on the third day! Yey! Unfortunately, the last fish swimming went to sea heaven on the fourth day. 

Aki has a thing now for fishes. Whenever he sees a crayon or a chalk, he asks us to draw small and big fishies. Leaving for work now has less drama because every morning Aki looks forward to our parting walk so he can visit our neighbors’ outdoor aquarium and koi pond.

Aki loved his pet fishies. He would spend so much time just staring at them. Everytime we had visitors including the mineral water delivery guy and the taho vendor, Aki would proudy show them off. If the tank did not have cover, his  little hands, for sure, would be swimming with his pets. Continue reading “Faki, Feki, Fiki, Foki and Aki’s other pet fish”