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Picasso Playdate Finally!

I can’t draw but I can paint! That is what I proved to myself last month. I have found another creative outlet and it is very forgiving.

Last April 20, Aki’s friends, Buwi and Maia came over for a painting playdate that I have been wanting to organize for ages.

Time really files. These were taken during our first playdates  in 2010. Continue reading “Picasso Playdate Finally!”

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Stamp Painting


How did you celebrate Valentine’s? Our little family stayed at home. I was still in bed when I heard footsteps rushing down the stairs. In a minute, Aki gave me the loveliest bouquet, handpicked from the garden. Later that day, we tried our hands again at stamp painting.

Materials: canvas, acrylic paint, disposable bowl and spoon, and a box wrapped in string Continue reading “Stamp Painting”

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String Painting with my Preschooler

Friends, I present to you…. Colorful Chaos by Aki Endaya


This painting now has a special spot in our wall.

And all these colors just started with these three.



We have done several painting projects in the past. And my usual complaint is how hard it is to reopen tubs of paint. We usually pour paint from the cans to smaller containers. The problem with that is paint dries around the opening making the cover and can stick. So for our last project, we used spoons.


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Manila Staycation Part V: National Museum

Part I – Planetarium
Part II – Manila Hotel
Part III – Rizal Park
Park IV – Morning @ Manila Hotel


If ever you will check in at the Manila Hotel, do inquire about their free shuttle service to guests going to nearby attraction.

We arrived at 2PM in National Museum. Lucky us, entrance is free for the whole month of May so we did not have to pay.


Even though I don’t know how to appreciate paintings, I still enjoyed our museum tour. Mega thanks to this history buff.

The most famous masterpiece is Juan Luna’s Spoliarium, the biggest painting on canvas in the country. Learn more about it here.


What do you think?


As I was saying, I wish I know how to appreciate art.

I did take Art Appreciation in UP Diliman but only got to attend 2 classes. That was at the height of the Estrada (then president of the country, now mayor of Manila)  impeachment. My professor, who was an activist, was out most of the time.


I know  it when a window, a staircase or small details in the interiors are beautiful but when it comes to art especially modern or abstract painting, I am clueless.

Sometimes, I look at a painting and it is the frame that I can’t stop staring at. Hihi.


What I do like is history.  Continue reading “Manila Staycation Part V: National Museum”

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What to give to kids who have it all

Since we are on the topic of gifts, let me share the latest gift that we gave. I always find it difficult to give gifts to kids who already have it all. Last year, I gave a gardening set complete with with munggo seeds. Last week, we got invited to the birthday party of the kids of our neighbors. Just basing on the kid-size play house by their swimming pool, these kids already have the coolest toys any 3 and 7 year old could want. After much thought, I decided not to give toys. Books are my go-to gifts but I had a feeling that they already have a great library.  What Aki gave them is  a painting set. Hopefully they will enjoy making their own masterpiece.


I got all of these from the Merriam Webster bookstore beside Don Bosco Makati. The acrylic paint was surprisingly affordable. The orange and the green things are aprons. Please send a note thru the contact page if you want to know the prices.

Thank you to Mandy and Lara’s parents for inviting us. Hope the kids will like our gift.

PS. This colorful yarn is one of the best craft things I ever bought. It saved me many times when I could not think of any creative way to wrap a gift.
PS. This colorful yarn is one of the best craft things I ever bought. It saved me many times when I could not think of any creative way to wrap a gift.
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DIY Abstract Art

Our house needs a personality boost. I am getting bored with the look and feel of the house. The walls are bare. The pillow cases look sad. Aki’s playroom under the stairs is forever a mess. Unfortunately, having a curious toddler means thinking twice about putting any decoration.

This simple project aimed to give the walls a splash of colors. This activity was inspired by the tape painting that Aki did last December (which was inspired by Leslie’s blog) and by the abstract paintings in Doc Samonte’s clinic.

We needed

A large canvass – can’t remember the exact size but it was about as big as an illustration board
Acrylic paint
Paint brushes
Little wooden things that come with the canvass.
Masking Tape

First, I randomly put masking tape around the canvass. Sorry I forgot to take pictures of it.

Then, we assigned areas of the canvass to each family member. Because Aki kept on over-mixing the colors, he was given only a small corner to paint on. That did not stop him from trying to mess up the little abstract paintings that Franco and I did. Sorry, no pictures again while we were painting. The istambay daddy was topless because it was so hot.

When we were happy with our creation, we let the painting dry for a couple of hours.


After removing the masking tape… Continue reading “DIY Abstract Art”

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Painting the Weekend Red

In my desire to give Aki’s play area a unified look, we gave his beloved wooden bookshelf a mini-makeover.


Please forgive the eyesore. If you must know, it is Aki who packs away his books everyday.

I bought a small can of red paint, a couple of brushes and a bottle of thinner. I thought the sales guy was taking advantage of my lack of background in painting by pushing me to buy the thinner. Turns out, it is really important. The thinner is used to improve the spread-ability of the paint, wash the brushes and most importantly, remove the paint from our skin. If acetone is to the manikurista, thinner is to the pintor. I am getting smarter every day!


Painting the shelf was a quick fun activity that the three of us really enjoyed. We were done in 15 minutes. Franco left for his jujitsu training while Aki and I stayed behind to read our new books.When the hubby came back, it was already past 2PM and our little boy was already sleeping. Frank and I decided to paint the back side of the shelf, hoping it will be dry by the time our son wakes up. In the course of painting the shelf, Franco spilled the paint. Because we don’t like wasting, we decided to use the spilled paint and retouch the legs of Aki’s chair. Soon, we found ourselves painting the whole chair!


Obviously, this paint job was done by loving parents who are only amateurs at painting.

Here is our finish product.


It looks better from afar, don’t you agree?


We couldn’t wait for Aki to wake up. As soon as he opened his eyes, we told him that there is a Red Power Ranger chair waiting for him outside.

His reaction? Priceless! Continue reading “Painting the Weekend Red”

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Gifts for the Grandparents

Of the gifts that we gave out this Christmas, my favorites are the ones we gave to Aki’s grandparents. We spent one whole morning working on the gifts. First we bought the materials from the Merriam Webster Bookstore near Don Bosco Makati. Art materials are cheaper there compared to other bookstores. The acrylic paints, the colors of which my toddler chose himself, were only PhP52. Paint brushes range from PhP7 to PhP21. The 11×15 canvas frames were only PhP108. In other bookstores, canvas of the same size, although of a different brand were being sold for PhP150.


It is been a while since Aki and I had a painting activity. When Aki was younger, he hated having his hands get dirty with paint. Now, he is more experimental. So experimental, that we had to deal with a giant version of a paint brush aka a mop, to clean the mess that he made.


Anyhoo, we used different techniques. There is of course the paint brush. Aki liked making circles by twisting the brush. We also used straw to blow the paint. This is my nth time to try my hands, or my mouth, at straw painting. Another fail once again. Aki can’t blow hard enough to really move the paint. Or maybe, we are using the wrong type of paint. Oh well, maybe in 6 months we will try again. The canvas also comes with little wood things, see lower left picture, that can be used to spread and mix the colors. Toy cars can also be used for painting.


I learned this masking tape technique from my friend Leslie’s blog. I folded the ends of each strip to make peeling easier.


My favorite technique of all was string painting. My sister did this when we were kids after reading about it from our Childcraft encyclopedia. I just tied a string to a macaroni so the string for easier handling and let Aki drag away.


Aki’s favorite was painting with his hands. I am not a big fan because if you mix blue, yellow and black,  you get this ugly shade of  The Hulk green.


Now for my little Picasso’s masterpieces.. Continue reading “Gifts for the Grandparents”

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Dip ‘n’ Paint

After seeing how much Aki enjoyed our finger painting session a few weeks back, I thought we will be finishing the paint tubs in no time. Sadly, when I brought out the paints again, Aki immediately remembered that he is the boy who does not like his hands getting dirty. Right aftering dipping his pointer finger onto the paint, he wiped the paint on his hair. Fearing that the paints might solidify, I brought them out again but this time, I also brought out old glow in the dark sticks that Aki can use for dipping. (mental note: buy brush).

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